Cucumber Idli

This is a favorite breakfast/snack of my daughters. They call it sweet idli. The taste of this idli is similar to the traditional ‘thovchyache mandaas’  or ‘thekkare adyar’. The recipe itself is slightly modified and made simpler. It does not involve grinding of fresh coconut, instead you need to use desiccated coconut and instant coconut milk powder.



One and a half cup of boiled rice
3 cucumbers
1 cup grated jaggery ( approximately 4 cubes)
4 tbsps desiccated coconut
4 tbsps instant coconut milk powder.
6-8 cardamoms (powdered)


Clean and wash rice and soak overnight. Skin and dice cucumbers. 

Grind rice, cucumbers and jaggery into a fine paste. Pour the ground batter into a dish. The batter should not be too thick. Add the desiccated coconut and coconut milk powder. Add salt to taste. 


Sprinkle with cardamom powder and mix well. Adjust consistency as required. Pour into idli moulds and steam for about 30 minutes.

Author: Joyce Alvares- Qatar