Potter Mania!

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About the author:
""Alma Pereira is a voracious reader, studies in senior 4 (class X) at Sacred Heart School, Bahrain. She is a past winner of Bournvita Quiz Contest for Bahrain. She also has interest in poetry.

What is it about the bespectacled guy with a scar that made him an instant hit with people everywhere? What is in him that makes him the subject of so much hype surrounding the series? Is it worth it or is Harry Potter just another children?s pastime story?

There is no doubt about the fact that Harry Potter is a phenomenon, turning author J. K. Rowling into a wealth-box, a first book-writing billionaire. Equally, the most successful movie series, spectacular box office hits in themselves, have also churned out actor billionaires ? most notably, the lead character role played by Daniel Radcliffe.

""However, despite being a phenomenon or a box office hit, the series has courted controversy just like many major publications. From the hacking of the website belonging to Rowling, to the speculation of the fate of characters (as to who would die in the last book!) to the innumerable leaks of the story, Harry Potter has literally wielded his magic. There were any number of spoilers on the internet and equal number of them in real world. Recently an elementary school headmistress read out to her school, the last page of the Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, on the last day of school. She was nicknamed "Rotter" after the incident by students who felt cheated before even buying the book. Even the Pope disapproved the entire series, discouraging people from believing in what he called "black magic". One enjoys the books or movies no doubt, but whether someone is taken in for any kind of magic, so why there should be any hue and cry at all?

So what kind of magic does the boy wizard weave on readers? Perhaps the readers are taken in for all the suffering he endures ? losing his parents, godfather, mentor and the like. Rowling’s brilliant plots could be another factor that makes the books "un-put-down-able". In any case, the whole franchise has met with less critics and the series has enjoyed a wider readership support, which has made it an astounding success story.

The books have always been fervently sought after, with some fans even pitching tents outside bookstores in anticipation of the book’s release. All the books and movies have broken records in terms of first day sales. Few would have doubts that there will probably be another series as successful as this, at least in the near future.

This article is not an attempt to give you a review of the books, films or the series in general. The book or the film can be best enjoyed without anyone else?s comments or views. I therefore leave it to everyone else to read, see and enjoy and decide whether Harry Potter is as amazing as the records show, or whether they should keep it locked up in history as a blockbuster series.

For me, it was an opportunity to build my library which has almost all the previous books in the series. The last book was released during our Europe trip and my demands for the instant purchase of the book got deferred by a few days, that looked like years for me. The logic of my parents was no doubt valid (if I get the book, the holiday mood will be gone as I tend to get glued to the books), but I wished I could get some of the magical powers of Harry Potter so that I could grab my dear book quickly! Well, anyway, I got one on the last day of our holiday, at Paris CDG Duty Free!

How many days I took to read it fully ? I leave that to the imagination of all!!

Author: Alma Pereira- Bahrain

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