Daniel Hasulyo’s Inaugural SUP Race Clinic Marks a Milestone in India’s SUP Scene

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Daniel Hasulyo’s Inaugural SUP Race Clinic Marks a Milestone in India’s Stand Up Paddle Scene

Mangaluru: Daniel Hasulyo’s highly anticipated inaugural SUP Race Clinic in India concluded with resounding success in Mulki, Mangalore hosted by Mantra Surf Club and organized by Surfing Swami Foundation, leaving an indelible mark on India’s burgeoning paddle boarding community. The clinic, held from Nov 30th to Dec 3rd, witnessed an enthusiastic gathering of elite racing paddlers from across the country eager to elevate their skills and passion for the sport.

Drawing on his expertise and championship-level experience, Daniel Hasulyo captivated participants with tailored coaching sessions, on-water demonstrations, and insightful workshops. From fundamental techniques to advanced race strategies, attendees were immersed in a comprehensive learning experience aimed at enhancing their competitive edge in stand-up paddle boarding.

“I’m truly inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of the paddlers here in India, they are strong paddlers and already have a good sense of SUP racing, ” said Daniel Hasulyo. “This clinic was an incredible opportunity to not only share my knowledge but also witness the passion for SUP racing grow within this community.”

The event garnered widespread praise for its inclusive approach, catering to paddlers from across the country. The seasoned athletes fine-tuned their techniques under Daniel Hasulyo’s mentorship. Participants also benefited from invaluable insights into equipment selection, fitness regimens, and mental preparation, equipping them with a holistic understanding of what it takes to excel in SUP racing.

“I feel equipped with a new perspective on the sport and a refined set of skills,” remarked one of the attendees. “Daniel’s guidance was invaluable, and the camaraderie among fellow paddlers was truly inspiring.”

The success of Daniel Hasulyo’s SUP Race Clinic underscores the growing interest and potential for stand-up paddle boarding in India, one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world aiming for Olympic inclusion in the coming years. “This is just the beginning and the right step towards the development of Stand Up Paddling in the country both as a competitive sport for athletes and a recreational activity for one and all. We are committed as an organization to the development of Stand Up Paddling along with our partners” Gaurav Hegde – Director, Surfing Swami Foundation.

Closing ceremony of the race clinic saw a few dignitaries gracing the occasion, Deputy Commissioner – Mullai Muhilan (I.A.S) and Rohith Bhat – Founder & CEO of 99 Games, TIE Mangalore who were enthralled with the success of the Race Clinic and potential of Stand Up Paddling in the region. Dhananjay Shetty, Director of the Surfing Swami Foundation and Rammohan Paranjape – Vice President of – the Surfing Federation of India also graced the occasion.

Deputy Commissioner – Mullai Muhilan (I.A.S), proposed the first International Paddle Festival being organized by the Surfing Swami Foundation at Sasihithlu Beach in February 2024 which should shortly be approved by Govt of Karnataka. This event will feature many top athletes from Asia and beyond.


Daniel Hasulyo is a revered name in stand-up paddleboarding, boasting an impressive array of accolades and titles in international competitions. With a fervent passion for the sport, Daniel is committed to sharing his expertise and nurturing talent in the global paddle-boarding community.

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