Dealing with Interviews

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Points to remember when you are at the interview :

1. You are at the interview because the employer wants you there. It?s not goodwill, or charity ? you earned the right to be there, so be confident in your abilities ? you?ve just overcome the first step!

2. Go into the interview, smile and shake the hands of the people who will be employing you. And for the love of God, try to remember their names!

3. Be relaxed ? especially important if the job you are going for requires client or customer contact ? if you cant be relaxed while being interviewed, you will not get a customer / client related job. Don?t pick your nose and put your feet up on the desk though ? that?s too relaxed.

4. Think of something interesting to ask them. If it?s a large company that has been in the press recently, then ask about it ? read up on industry and sector news ? it shows that you are keeping up to date with new developments and that you?re on the ball.

5. Try to relate your existing skills to the role that you are applying for (eg, ?oh yes, I did a similar thing at school/college/uni/a previous job??.?).

6. Sell yourself. You are offering them a service, which they will have to pay you for. They are your customers. Go get them tiger!

7. If for whatever reason you don?t get the job ? chalk it up to experience and move on to the next interview. Don?t let it set you back. Interview skills are learned and developed through experience, so don?t dwell on your failures ? but do learn from them!

Good Luck!

Author: Ashley Aranha- India

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