Divorced Thrice, Shreemathi Shetty had Planned Her Fourth Wedding on May 19

Divorced Thrice, Shreemathi Shetty had Planned Her Fourth Wedding on May 19

Mangaluru: It is now learnt that Shreemathi Shetty, who was brutally murdered by Jonas Samson and  Victoria Mathias when she had gone to their house asking to repay the Rs 60,000 that the couple owed her, was all set for her fourth wedding, planned for 19 May 2019. According to Senior police officials, it is learnt that Shreemathi (35) was previously married to Mahabala (her first marriage), Sudeep Shetty (second marriage, where her husband is in jail for theft case) and Rajendra ( third marriage).

According to neighbours, Shreemathi was preparing for her fourth wedding and her house was being repainted for this purpose, which is located on Amar Alva Road near Mangaladevi Temple, Mangaluru. A few neighbours said that they had all attended her second wedding, but she mostly kept to herself and did not interact much with them. But when they heard that she was getting married for the fourth time, they were all a bit shocked.

Her third husband Rajendra speaking to a reporter of an English daily had said that they had a live-in relationship for about two years, and later got married in May 2018, but separated within two months. Sources reveal that Shreemathi had moved an application seeking divorce a month ago, and that application is still pending in the family court, but in the meantime, she had planned to get married to a well-to-do man from Marakada, as per Rajendra.

It is also learnt that apart from running a appliances repair shop in Attavar, Mangaluru, Shreemathi was into chit fund business from the age of 16. Rajendra also narrating more about Shreemathi to the reporter had said, “Shreemathi had a reputation of being rash and short-tempered when it came to collecting debts, and she used to get frequent calls from one of her divorced husbands since few years. But she was a strong and independent woman because to make a living, as a single woman, takes courage.

Rajendra had also said that he knew Jonas Samson, who was arrested for allegedly murdering Shreemathi and dismembering her corpse before disposing it at three different places, and that he was notorious. “I visited him a couple of times to collect daily repayments, and I knew he was capable of causing pain. But murder was truly shocking,” had said Rajendra.

More details on this incident will be out only when police interrogate Jonas once he gets recovered, where at present he is in a private hospital, admitted for injuries to his head while trying to commit suicide.

With inputs from DHNS

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