Elections, Communist Sapne & Apne?

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When one wakes up in the morning, he would like to see peace prevailed every where. A life without any struggle, tension; the chirpy sounds of the birds; the fresh   morning breeze. It seems today is the best day in one’s life until he  reaches his morning cuppa with newspaper; he gets the day’s dose of violence. Terrorist attacks, headlines screaming of assaults, robberies, kidnappings. The empty threats of different world leaders and the factional feuds within  political parties in India.

""Peace has been blown up into pieces!! Slowly the freshness of the day vanishes. The smile on the face gets erased and mind starts thinking practically about the daily chores, the monotonous rituals. The Breaking News stings one’s mind.  All of a sudden the poor guy starts thinking about news??.Sanjay Dutt’s release on interim bail, Mira- Bhayander Municipal Elections, Amitabh’s land scam, Communists holding the UPA Government to ransom, Manmohan Singh checkmated by Bush?..the mind never stops! It goes on and on. Now, reality beckons?.Will the Government come down?.will there be mid-term polls? Questions from all directions hit the mind.

Heart goes out to Sunjay Dutt. Poor guy, at least got an interim bail?err?.for how long till Judge Kode sends the conviction report to him. So, the "now in the jail and now out" saga   continues, poor guy never had a single day of peace in his life since he hit the movie scene with his debut "Rocky". He rocked along till 1992 and then it’s a life full of thorns for him. The battery of expert lawyers too are of little help as the law has spread its draconian wings too wide and tight! Sunil Shetty, his friend has been made the Sports Ambassador for the Country. His other friend Salman has been awarded the coveted Rajiv Gandhi Award. He made a short but sweet acceptance speech. He said the long haired Khan referring to Shah Rukh?.if he stops taking awards, then Salman will get them. He candidly confessed that this was his first award! Also said "Its good Amir does not accept awards, otherwise he would not have got this one too!" Way to go Sallu Bhai!

Mira- Bhayander Municipal Elections had the Congress romp home with maximum seats with NCP following close behind. The farce continues and people who complain are into it full time. There is however no reprieve! This is democracy and we have to accept it. Some of our Mangalorean candidates were upset with our community as they feel badly let down by Mangaloreans. The votes were divided. Because there is huge number of settlers and re-settlers belonging to our community and if they are united and decide one day they can even float a new party pertaining to only Mira – Bhayander  can win seats with majority. Well, just a thought however silly it may be. Nevertheless, among Mangalorean Catholics today there is a unity. It’s not like how it was with the old guards.

The new breed born after Nehrus regime  are educated,  well traveled and know who’s who and what and when? It is common knowledge to blame the community when things go wrong or even blame the clergy. The smart ones know the clergy observes a silence unto death. They never reply you. So the blame game always ends as a one sided affair and then the guy who called names, accused the priest goes to him and yells "Bless Me Father" The priest without batting an eyelid gives a toothy grin "God Bless You". So the blame guy comes back home! Well .All’s well that ends well! Amen to that!

""The ever hounding media is after Ash-Abhi. This time about the stork’s visit. The poor guys are not left alone. Amitabh’s farm land troubles do not seem to end either. He wants to donate the land, but UP government says, establish ownership first. The rigmarole continues. The full page ads praising UP government’s accomplishments have undone the trick Mr. Bhachan. Always you should side with a nationalist party. BJP would have been better. Or worse comes to worse if you were good friends with Say, Seetharam Yechury or Prakash Karat, then you would not have had to face humiliation as this when the governments change. The strong reason being CPI(M) is the party who puts new governments in the saddle every five years. They honeymooned with BJP for two terms and now are back backing up the congress. I used to take the communists lightly during my college  days. Now, one can see how mighty they have become!

Definitely the communists will grow leaps and bounds. Amitabhji, only you may have to discard many vehicles and opt for a Ambassador. Wear khadi all the times; mostly white or light shaded pink, blue. Look at Mr. Pradhan, Buddhaji, Karat, Harkishen Singh Surjeet, Somanth Chatterjee etc. As you have opted for the Amar Singh brigade with a flashy lifestyle, now you  have to face the music. There is a suggestion, donate the land to either Baba Amte or Anna Hazare. You may not have to show them you are the owner and also no government sleuths will be after you. These two are very powerful ashram folks who are in touch with every politician worth his salt in the country. Do not forget, Anna Hazare was the one who blew the lid off the ‘Telgi Scam’!! Remember, how Nana Patekar donates his money to Baba Amte whenever he signs a new movie. And he has never been into any kind of troubles! Smart guy Nana!

Shatrughan Sinha is another smart alec in Bollywood who knows how to live life on his own terms and never is at the wrong end of the stick with the law. All know that he was the one who got Bala Saheb and Late Sunil Dutt together and arranged for the safe exit of Sunjay Dutt, the second time he was the Government’s guest! His house is named ‘Ramayan’ and he has Ram Lakhan, Bharat for brothers. Has twin sons named Luv & kush! He has managed to be in the lime light but never any political party has been vindictive with him. He does not have excellent relationship going with the BJP as well, still he is fine. No changing Government has hounded him for his asset declarations, Funds checks!

""Shatru Bhaiyya is one of the powerful personalities in filmdom who never hesitates to call a spade a spade!! Like his gaonwala ,  another bihari babu, Shekar Suman, he always enjoys Laughter Challenges, be it from within the country or from across the border. Not every one knows that he was the State guest during Zia- Ul- Haq’s regime in 1987. He along with his family enjoyed Pakistan’s hospitality for a week. 

I would not like to forget mentioning about ‘Apne’ the movie starring the Deol trio. What a movie? Anil ‘Hukumat’ Sharma  has directed it well. Dharam Paaji has acted well in it, yes, without the influence of alcohol, as the media is made to believe. The villain ‘Luca Brassia’ packs many a powerful punches in the movie! He sends the younger Deol Bobby to the ICU, which enrages bade bhaiyya ‘ Sunny’. Sunny enters the arena and fractures the rib cage of Luca! Wonderfully directed. Dharam has acted by putting his heart and soul into the character! Only Hema Malini with her two daughters stayed put at home and watched the ‘fillum’ in comfort away from the media glare. Or else the media would have made mince meat of her and her two lovelies that Dharam would have become Garam like the days gone by.

""But, then she was stopped mid way on her track and in front of whole media was popped the question. No! Don’t jump to conclusions! It was not a marriage proposal! It was none other than the irrepressible Lalu who caught her right in front of the parliament in Delhi and asked her for a role in her movie! What courage? He wins hands down  in the act of  buffoonery!

Laluji,  the best you can do is  to ask the make up man of Amitabh, who produced ‘ Ganga’ the Bhojpuri movie. He would have obliged and made a movie named’ Yamuna, Godawari, Narmada or  still better a  Kaaveri! He certainly would have had Hema Malini as a heroine. For a comedian’s role Lalu does not need any make up. With dialogue delivery in his Bihari dialect ‘Bhojpuri". He will raise a million laughters! He is having a Masters in buffoonery it seems, as he looks from top to toes a  natural comedian  who can give Bollywood’s laugh gurus  a run for their money. What say Kader Khan?

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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