Entertainment Factory Sowmya Shree Shares her Experience of ‘DID Super Moms Season 2’

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Entertainment Factory Sowmya Shree Shares her Experience of ‘DID Super Moms Season 2’

Mangaluru: A mother is a special creation by God because she is the person who forgives her children no matter what and guides them all their lives. She will always be there and love them. She is everything in this world. She is like a goddess on earth because she teaches who God is. Mother is God to all of us.

A mother has been described in various ways. This world has been created by motherhood. It’s an Innocent love; there are no limitations, no expectations and no selfishness in her love. Here is a mom who made not only her daughter proud, but she made her mother, husband, relatives and the entire state of Karnataka proud by being the 1st runner up in DID Super Moms Season 2 Reality show, the one and only entertainment factory, the female Govinda, the female Rajinikanth – Sowmya Shree from Chikkamagaluru. Sowmya shared her happiness, desires, pains and joy with mangalorean.com.




Here are some excerpts from an interview with Sowmya Shree, the first runner up in the Zee TV show ‘Dance India Dance Super Moms, Season 2’.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your family, your roots in Udupi?

My mother Kamala hails from Karkala and her family still lives in Karkala and Nandalike area. I was born and brought up in Chikkamagaluru. I married Manjunath (Manju) 7 years ago. My husband runs a small time garage. My daughter Pragalbha is four year old. I lost my father when I was in second year PUC. Since then, my mom took care of us. My mother is very supportive towards me. When I was contesting in DID Super Moms 2, she took care of my daughter. My husband spent a lot of money to erect hoardings in Chikmagaluru about my performance in DID Super Moms Season 2.

Q. What motivated you to participate in DID Super Moms Season 2?

For the Dance India Dance Super Moms 2, the management invited me but I refused to take part. Previously, when I took part in DID 2, I set the stage on fire with my performance in the first episode but for some reasons I was unable to promote myself. After my first performance, people started to recognize me. In 2009, I had started my own dance school, “Koti Chennaya Dance School”, and started training children. I was still training students, when I got an opportunity to participate in DID 2. When I lost the competition, I was not disappointed, I continued training students. After I conceived, I shut down the dance classes and began training only 4 students at home.

After my delivery, I concentrated on my daughter Pragalbha. In November 2014, I gave the audition in Bengaluru. Out of the 5,000 participants, I was one of the winners in the audition. For the next three months, there was no response from the organizers. Then in February 2015, the organizers invited me to Mumbai. I went to Mumbai and there were 25,000 participants from all over the country for the final audition. Finally, they selected 50 contestants. I was selected in the top 50 and then promoted to the top 15. From there, my journey began.

Q. Tell us about your experience in Dance India Dance Super Moms season 2?

The dance practice begins early in the morning at 5 am and goes on till 2 am everyday. The facilities that were provided by the organizers were very good. They did not have any restrictions in our diet. Spot boys were present every moment. For the beginning, every contestant was given a solo dance. I was not trained in all different dance forms; when the music began, I would just go and dance. In the first episode, I received a standing ovation and was also declared the performer of the day. Even Govinda had also praised my performance. I was with skipper Siddhesh Pai’s group, and Tejal and Akash were training me. Siddhesh is a very down to earth person and he was putting all his efforts to train me.


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Q. Which is your most memorable moment in life ?

The moment that the Zee TV brought my marriage memories back. Geetha Maa dressed me as a bride and Terrence Sir dressed my husband and they made us ready for the marriage celebrations. Siddhesh acted as my brother and lifted me while Manju was exchanging the garland. I felt that the Goddesses showered flower petals on us when we were sitting on the decorated swing. Zee TV gifted us a huge portrait of our wedding. I did not expect such treatment on the DID stage. I was feeling shy because celebrities were dressing us. We are from a middle class family and were getting dressed by celebrities. This is my most memorable moment in life which I will never forget.

Q. What was your most painful moment in DID Super Moms Season 2?

My journey was very tough but I took it as a challenge. It was my choice and I was finding it difficult. While training, I was injured a couple of times. While using the rope for training, my hands were in constant pain. One day, I fell from the ring; that day, there were two rings; I was holding one ring and my body was rotating according to the ring movement. During the rotation the welding gave way and the ring separated, I fell down and injured my leg. Then they cancelled my performance on the ring. I thought they would not give me any prop, but they brought a 10-foot ladder. I thought that they brought it for painting but it was a prop for me to perform with. I was hesitant to perform but Siddhesh forced me to practice. I had only two days to practice and Siddhesh was standing with a bottle to hit me if I failed to perform. It was a do or die situation for me. I thought that it would be my last performance, but fortunately, I performed well in the daredevil episode.

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Q. How well were the arrangements made by the organizers for the contestants?

The organizers made very good arrangements. For wearing shoes, make-up, nail polish, hairdressing or costume, there were boys who were ever ready to help us. They did not allow us to do any work ourselves and everything was made available for the contestants. Whenever my performance would go on, all the spot boys would leave all their work and watch my dance. I did not allow the spot boys to help me though. I was doing all my work such as wearing shoes, combing hair, because God has given me hands and legs and it is our duty to do our personal work. My attitude was appreciated by all the spot boys and they were eagerly waiting to see my performance. We have to be humble in our lives; one should never be egotistic.

Q. How do you feel winning the runner up title in DID Super Moms Season 2?

I was not expecting to be the winner. I always wanted be the runner up, but on the grand finale, I felt that I could be the winner. Most of the people expected me to win DID Super Moms, but I lost by some votes. Harpreet always used to say that she will not allow me to win the title because she wanted to win it. Harpreet always wished me to win the runner up and she was telling me that the runner up title would be yours. The kind of appreciation and comments that I had received for my acts instilled confidence in me that the audiences and judges truly connected with me. It was like a dream come true for me to perform on the stage of DID Super Moms and emerge as the 1st runner-up.

Q. Are you satisfied with the 1st runner-up title?

From the beginning, I was thinking to be the 1st runner-up and Harpreet was telling me that she wanted the trophy and that she wanted to be the winner of DID Super Moms season 2. Harpreet was put in the danger zone many times but I was safe and I was the highest voted contestant upto the 8th episode. If you have an aim, you can achieve anything. I participated in DID 2 when Dharmesh and others were participating; I too was one of the contestants but I could reach only till top 50. Then, I started my own dance school.

Q. Tell me something about the winner of DID Super Moms Season 2, Harpreet Khatri?

Harpreet is a trained dancer and performed consistently well throughout the second season. She is known for her versatility in various dance forms including hip-hop, Bollywood, classical and freestyle. In the DID Super Moms Season 2, she was put in the danger zone many times.

Q. Did you face any hurdles during your DID career?

No, there were no hurdles. Everyone supported me. My husband and my mother are like my two eyes. My mother played a vital role because when I was in Mumbai my mother was taking good care of my daughter. Because of my mother, I was performing without any stress. When our own mothers take care of our children, we feel safe and secure because we have grown in their hands. I am very much thankful to my mother and my husband.

Q. What is your experience while performing on DID stage?

I have not seen heaven, but I consider the DID stage as heaven. When I was performing, I was very active and when the music began, I danced without fear. Other moms were a bit nervous about their performance because they are trained dancers but I was not trained like them. I was enjoying my dance in every episode without hesitation and pulling the attention of the entire crowd.

Q. How was the day when you came back home?

It was wonderful because people had gathered in our locality. We did not inform anyone, but people from more than 50 houses welcomed me with Aarthi and they cried with joy. Small children were waiting for me for my autograph. Now also, children come for autographs. I love children, I brought packets of chocolate which I give when they come for autograph. The people of my home town gave me a cordial welcome and I was surprised to see people treating me like a celebrity.

Q. What are your future plans?

I want to start my own fully fledged dance school. I am interested to give shows at international level. If any sponsor comes forward, I am ready to perform outside India. Now, I am young and it is the time to exhibit my talents. To start a dancing school, I need financial support and for that I have to earn. People know me as a runner up in DID Super Mom but they do not know that we too face problems.

Q. What is your message to our readers?

Every human being should set his/her goal and try to achieve it. When we set a goal, we have to work hard to achieve it. If we work hard, God will surely help us. God is with us and when we set our goals and march forward, success will be ours.

You should fix your aim. Do not keep your legs in two boats. Take a firm decision keeping your goal in mind and stick on to that decision and move forward in life. Then success will be yours. When you are young, set a goal and try to achieve it. So take the right decision and make your parents, society, and country proud.

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