Fatal Tusker Attack: After K’taka BJP raises voice, Kerala family reject Rs 1.5 mn compensation

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Fatal Tusker Attack: After K’taka BJP Raises Voice, Kerala Family Reject Rs 1.5 mn compensation

Kochi: The family members of Ajeesh, a tractor driver from Wayanad who was killed by a wild elephant with a radio collar put on by the Karnataka forest department, have rejected the offer of Rs 1.5 million announced by the Congress government in the neighbouring state.

On February 10, Ajeesh was killed by a wild elephant, leading to a massive protest in the hilly district of Wayanad.

With man-animal conflict rising in the area, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who’s the local MP, came calling and a few days later, Karnataka Forest Minister Eshwar Khandre announced a compensation of Rs 1.5 million for Ajeesh’s family.

As soon as the announcement came, the Karnataka unit of the BJP strongly expressed its displeasure over the rationale behind giving compensation and announced to protest the move.

Hearing about the move of the Karnataka BJP unit, the family members of Ajeesh wrote to them stating that they are deeply pained by the news of the protest and hence even while being thankful for the offer, they do not wish to accept the compensation that has been offered.

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