Free 12-Day NTSE Training Program by CFAL and Ignus Ends

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Free 12-Day NTSE Training Program by CFAL and Ignus Ends

Mangaluru: Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) along with Ignus conducted a Free 12-day NTSE training program for Government School students from 12-22 October, 2016. Initially, with the help of the ZP CEO Shrividya, IAS, the DDPI and the BEOs of Mangalore district, a screening test was conducted for students from government schools in all blocks on the 18th of September. 400 students of different Government schools attempted the examination. Of these, 46 students who scored above a cutoff mark were selected for the NTSE training session. Information was passed to BEOs and all principals were individually called giving information about the selected candidates. The DC of Mangaluru Dr. Jagadeesh, IAS, the ADC of Mangalore, Mr. Kumara, the Social Welfare Department officer Mrs. Sunitha had arranged for food and accommodation for all students.

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The NTSE training program commenced on the 12th of October, and classes were conducted from 9 in the morning till 3.30 in the evening. A total of 30 students had attended the training program. All major topics covered in NTSE were discussed in the sessions by our teachers, one among the many teachers included Praveen Raj, an NTS scholar, and student alumni of Ignus in Hassan. He secured the 6th Rank in CET 2016 and is studying Computer Science in NITK Surathkal. He taught GMAT to the students and gave them a lot of motivation to study hard. Faculty included IIT Alumni and faculty members of CFAL.

The valedictory program was conducted today on the 22nd of October. Ignus founder Mervin Rosario an alumnus of IIT Bombay spoke about why this program was conducted. He stressed that many students in Kannada medium schools and Government schools have an aptitude for Math and Science. However, most of them lacked the awareness, guidance and the exposure needed to do well in the national level exams. The idea of doing this program was to help motivate students, improve their knowledge base and build their self-confidence.

CFAL program coordinator and Principal of CFAL, Severine Rosario spoke about the different national level exams that are being conducted, and various scholarships available for students. She talked about how the students who study at the national colleges are usually students from privileged backgrounds- students who have educated parents and who have undergone a lot of training. Many deserving candidates from Government schools miss out just because of their financial background and lack of exposure.

Students who participated in the training programme namely Shivaram, Prajna and Sharanya spoke about their experiences during program. They said that they were initially very hesitant to come to Mangaluru since it was far away and they had to stay in hostels. But their fear was very soon put away. They made a good group of friends, and they all enjoyed the training program together. They talked about the very strong background of teachers who trained them and answered all their queries. They said the tests given to them every day were very helpful and now they are no more scared of attempting examinations. They found attempting paper getting easier after some time.

Also, speaking during the occasion a teacher from Bolanthimogaru high school also said the importance of conducting such program and thanked CFAL and Ignus for conducting this program for free. All students were congratulated by Mrs. Severine Rosario, and all of them were given practice books for NTSE. CFAL, as part of its outreach program, is looking to start a Free 2- year KCET, JEE & NEET training program for students in Kannada medium government schools. This is an amazing opportunity for children from underprivileged backgrounds to get into some of the best universities in the country.

NTSE Scholarship:

NTSE is a national-level scholarship exam organized by NCERT for Class 10thstudents and is the widely recognized as the toughest and most prestigious examination at high school level in the country. The motto behind conducting this examination is to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent across the length and breadth from the country. Near about 3, 00,000 students compete for the examination, which is basically consist of 3-tier selection process i.e. two objective type written test: the Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) followed by a Face-to-Face Interview, for which limited number of students are called for, who have qualified the two test and finally based on the composite scores scored by the candidate in the above 3 mentioned test final awards are made. In Short, you are called an “NTSE Scholar”. It gives you an instant recognition to bright students at a very young age.

Its not easy to crack NTSE without proper preparation. You can plan your journey to the destination well if you know the starting point and all the necessary steps. We have provided various resources to help you while NTSE Preparation. You can go through the NTSE Preparation Material, can take NTSE Mock Test, refer to NTSE Books, Model Question Papers, Sample Papers and Previous Year NTSE Question Papers with Answers. All resources are available for free.

Apart from a definite highlight in your CV, some of the advantages of being an NTSE scholar are:

– The Central government awards scholarships to NTSE scholars for pursuing studies in sciences and social sciences up till doctoral level. In case of a professional course like engineering or medicine, the scholarship is granted up to postgraduate level. 1000 scholarships, each of 500 INR per month is given to scholars from Class XI onwards. The scholarship for PhD programs is as per the UGC standards.

– Being an NTSE scholar instils supreme confidence to crack such competitive exams in future. Almost every classmate of yours at IIT is an NTSE topper or scholar. Studying to become an NTSE scholar is about understanding the concepts clearly. This preparation will certainly be useful when you take your competitive exams like AIPMT, JEE, CLAT, etc.

– If you are aspiring to opt for advanced studies out of the country, then you have an edge over others as an NTSE scholar. It also acts as a differentiator to choose whether to apply for MS/MBA. Those applying for US scholarships get additional marks for being an NTSE qualifier. The universities abroad are familiar with NTSE and give preference to candidates who have qualified the exam.

– Some colleges in India have seats reserved exclusively for NTSE scholars. This prestigious exam is your gateway to an excellent college in future. You can surpass admission tests of colleges to gain direct entry to the college of your choice.

– ‘NTSE scholar’ on resume is an added advantage when you apply for jobs or interviews. An NTSE scholar is given preference in government jobs as well. It is indeed helpful when appearing for interviews for IFS, IAS, IRS, IPS, etc.

– NTSE Scholars also get benefits during NDA selections.

– NTSE scholars can enjoy discounts on course materials and books at high school level so they afford to buy some very important and expensive books. In case a student needs to apply for admission to another school then NTSE scholars are always preferred.

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