Glad my kids can watch ‘The X-Files’: David Duchovny

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Los Angeles, Jan 12 (IANS) Actor David Duchovny, who is returning to “The X-Files” as former FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, says he is “glad” that his children can now watch the science fiction horror drama TV series.

The show, which has been off air since 2002, makes its return as the two lead characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by actress Gillian Anderson, investigate more X-Files – strange and unexplained cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Asked if he would allow his children – Madelaine West Duchovny, 16, and Kyd Miller Duchovny, 13 – to watch “The X-Files” now that they are older, Duchovny said in statement: “I’m proud of my kids. I’m glad that they can’t watch ‘Californication’. They can watch ‘The X-Files’, so that’s good. I want them to be proud of themselves.”

“The X-Files” series will pick up with a developed plot-line to match new-age conspiracies and technology. It will premiere on January 30 on Star World Premiere HD.

Duchovny said: “I am happy to be back again and I couldn’t be prouder of the entire show, from the first season to what we have done now. There is so much I am grateful for.”

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