Good Day Or My Way!

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I cannot remember if I have ever felt this superstitious on a Friday the 13th. This time it came with a new scope, and changed my perspective.

What do you think of Friday the 13th? What if some mishap happens on this day early in the morning? Almost all people would react with a four-letter word, (‘hell’ or ‘crap’ or ‘geez’ or whatever-is-your-favorite). Look who’s talking?! I got mishaps in a series? opened the door to start the day and got the house rental bill zipped into the door side. ‘Hell’ a major chunk of every month’s salary goes off while paying this single bill. Ok. Let’s move on.

Reached the parking lot, felt proud pressing the keyless button to open the car, ‘geez’? Oooo boom, imagine what? I didn’t see the black ice on the parking lot. People who could have seen me falling, would have missed their camera. When I realized I was down, I could find myself like a dog that had just got beaten? on knees and two hands? murmured a few words and got up as if nothing happened. Thinking, no God, not on my knees, each of them was already broken a couple of times. Their turn was over. Why the hell are you behind my knees? Got into the car, felt cold on the left knee and left hand, oops! Discovered burning scratches on both knees and in one palm. Fetched few tissue papers from bag and painted Red? maybe you all know how it feels when you hit something on a cold day? think of getting more on an icy day? has that bleeding stopped? It will take its own sweet time, who cares. Keep moving with time, else life will stop. Started, warmed up the engine, and roared it, heading towards office. 

Yes, it’s safe. I reached office, need to create a few reports about yesterday’s conference, need to complete yesterday’s work and today’s too. Need to finish the work, to save the weekend. What others would have heard, after a few minutes in office. ?Hello, Abinash here.? ?Hi, how are you doing this morning.? ?You got my reports? Wow! How is it? I want to listen ‘no signs as per the suspect’?? ?I didn’t care to take the vitamin you have prescribed?? ?Yes, it has gone down, I feel great?? ?What? Now? I have to see you now?? ?Humm? can we arrange for tomorrow morning?? or your next best time!? ?Grrrr?? ?humm..? ?humm? ?Ok. I will be there in 20 minutes? Guess! That was a call from my physician. Who the hell in this world would like to meet up with the doctor or the police or the Boss early in the morning? Next? ?Hello. Good morning. It’s Abinash.? ?Yes, every thing went off well.? ?No, I won’t be here by the time you come in. I need to rush to see my doctor.? ?No. hummm? I am not planning to come back to office?? ?Yes, you can consider it as a full-day leave?? ?See you on Monday.? ?No, I won’t like to be disturbed this weekend, got some personal work.? ?Ok, then. Have a nice weekend.? Muttered a few words, as slow and soft as I could. You want to know what are those? Will tell you when we meet, I bet you will laugh for not less than 2 hours.

Rot in hell, why should the traffic move so slowly in route 287 when I’ve got some urgent work? All you useless people, can’t you use this road after a few minutes? After 15 minutes (and each subsequent 15 minutes 3 times, I called up the doc. ?Hello I’ve got an urgent appointment with the doctor after 5 minutes, but am stacked with a few cars in the next street. Please inform him that I should be there in another 15 minutes. Thanks.? The last call, ?Hello… Ha ha ha, yes? it is me. Nope, still next door. Seems like some accident ahead and no other way out of this one-way road. I can leave my car here and meet you up, only if you will pay for the ticket. Ha ha ha.? After a few seconds, you could have heard me saying, ?Crap this battery also has to go down only now.? ?Hope I can make a call to Sophia and ask her to meet me for lunch.?

Going to the doctor and the rest of the day has made the day a memorable one. It may happen that I’d forget the moment when I had proposed to my last girlfriend, but this day, never. For a hint, my doctor interpreted the final report as, ?They have found a Royal disorder in my health system. It is not life-threatening, but a holly-crap non-curable one.? Putting it in better terms as the doctor said, ?We are still working on this, and yet to find out a curable solution to it. There is a lot research going on and a lot people looking forward to this topic. To keep yourself mobile, need to live on NSAIDs-COX-2 medicines, till the time they have not found a curable therapy.?

Way back home also time didn’t let me get healed. I was in transit, from feeling down to feeling ok. While backing up, my car went and hit the protector near the curb. The first sentence came out of my mouth was, ?Another 500 gone.? I just forgot that I had to call Sophia for lunch, and drove carefully back home. Could not eat anything as well, could not do anything, except idling the brain and staring with blank eyes.

Now after three hours I feel easy to say, ?That is not end of the world.? Not so two hours ago. When you hear such things, not every person is the same as we think. I choose to be practical. Only choosing didn’t work out, so I decided to get over it. So I spoke to myself, ?That should not be the end of world for you.? Thanks, you guessed right, I am a different person. Implemented the saying within few minutes. I understood the meaning of the dialogue, ?Zindagi badi honee chahiye, Lambi nahin? (?Life should not be long, but well lived?) Hope you never get a ‘Friday the 13th’ like mine.



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