Tips on preparing your Resume

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In such a competitive world, finding the right job is a potentially a tedious task. The first and foremost thing to do is preparing a effective Resume.

What should a Resume Contain?

A resume should have the following

Name and Contact Information
Job Objective
Computer and other relevant Skills
Relevant Experience ? Work Experience, Internships etc [Mostly listed in reverse chronological order, Starting with the most recent job first]
Training and Certifications if any
References (optional)

Most common used tool for preparing resume is MS Word (.doc extension), as it provides lot of formatting features unlike Notepad and WordPad.

To increase your chances of hearing from a potential employer, take time to create a targeted resume that speaks to each opportunity. In other words ?Link your skills and experiences with the needs of the employer?

Avoid using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, as too many capital letters makes it difficult to read and looks cluttered, Instead use Title Case or Sentence case and emphasize where necessary with bold!

Make your resume easy on the eyes. Use normal margins (1″ on the top and bottom, 1.25″ on the sides) and don’t cram your text onto the page. Allow for some breathing room between the different sections.

Check for Spelling, Grammar Mistakes. Any mistakes of this kind will cause a bad impression to the employers

Make the most of your experience. Show your accomplishments.

Use action verbs to begin phrases. E.g.: Analyzed, Responsible, Designed, Developed, Organized etc.

Unnecessary details can take up a lot of valuable space on your resume. Don’t mention personal characteristics such as age, height, and marital status on your resume

Finally, remember the resume needs should look professional. Take the time for preparing your resume. It may take a few days, but it?s worth the effort. After all it?s the key to your success in finding the job of your dreams.

Author: Shailaja Baliga- USA

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