Happiness Is Within You

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Did you ever wonder why some people wake up in the morning as bright as sunshine, while others wake up grumpy. Why some seem happy most of the time, while others are withdrawn, sad, depressed or bitter?

Well, I think this is why?.. I find it?s all in our attitude. Is the glass half full, or is it half empty? Is the sun bright and beautiful or is it hot and unbearable? Do you think that when it rains, it drags yours spirits down, or do you ever look at the beauty of the rain? Every situation in life has two sides to it as we have the good and the evil, for without evil we could not understand good. Without cold, we could not know warmth. Without noise, could we revere the beauty of silence.

When Newton lost his research of 20 years in a fire, he didn’t think failure, he just strived on to find out more. When Abraham Lincoln failed in academics, was thrown out of jobs, etc., he didn’t think failure, he just went out to be the President of America.

Attitude, and the way you perceive things, is the key to your own happiness. If you are feeling overwhelmed with something that happened in your life, well instead of brooding and feeling sorry for yourself, think positive and move on. Find something that you have learned and gained from it.

Embrace life and be grateful. Do not allow your happiness to be determined by others.

Have you noticed, a death in a family is such a catastrophe. But, does it not trigger the rest of the family together for grieving and emotional support and getting closer to each other as they talk about memories of their loved one? Does death not remind the uncertainty of life, that there could be no tomorrow for one of us? Have you done all that you have wanted to do during this lifetime? Or, are you making excuses as to why you have not followed your dreams?

Attitude – is when you wake up in the morning, smile in the mirror, welcome each day with the love that you have and relish the day. When things are down, turn them around. And when you are happy, deposit that happy time, into your mind, where you can pull it out anytime you need a bit of cheering up. Embrace life and be grateful. Do not allow your happiness to be determined by others.

Attitude – Have you ever noticed how it feels to give? Giving of ourselves is a beautiful thing. When you see the smile of gratitude on a radiant face. Or hear someone appreciating your gesture, is a great way to start on an attitude change.

Attitude – do not fixate on small things. Look at the bigger image. It is amazing that when necessary, you can rise up to the challenge, but it could fire back, a small irrelevant move, that could throw people off into an angry fit. Remember, that good health and money are not the criteria for happiness. It is the way you look at it. So, chin up, and find the bright side to every situation that life throws you, for inside yourself lies truer happiness.


Author: Sylvia DSouza- UAE

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