Space Cleansing

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Have you noticed that some places or environments radiate an energy that is nurturing while some spaces can deplete you and even cause the dweller to feel depress, upset or angry???

Our surroundings nurture us mentally and emotionally. After a tiring day of work, we long to come back to a place free from stress, a place to relax, a place which is simple, elegant, uncluttered and beautiful. Here are a few tips on how to keep our haven clean and spiritual –


The sun?s rays are an integral part of rituals in several faiths including Hinduism and Zoroastrianism. Light has always symbolised the victory of good over evil. In the Old testament, the pillar of fire was a visible manifestation of the Lord?s presence to the Israelites as it led them into the promised land. (Ex.13:21)

Watching sunrise and allowing the morning sunrays to enter a property enhances the environmental harmony between fire and sight. Gazing at a candle flame also gives therapeutic effect on the dweller.

The Green Effect

As a kid I used to wonder what drew my mom to the garden everyday. I thought she was crazy to give attention to some thing which never responds. As I grew, this curiosity also grew in me and I found myself being drawn to the greenery around me. I enjoyed watering the plants everyday, talking to them and literally playing soothing music on the recorder for them. I started decorating the pots, filling the pots with pebbles which I myself painted. This is the wonder of the energy plants can bring.

Growing a garden, be it a small one in the balcony of an apartment or a few indoor plants purifies the air, refreshes our mind and adds to the positive energy within the house.

Incense / Candlesticks

From our age old Indian tradition, Incense or the burning of Agarbathis are considered ideal for meditation. In ancient times, pleasant-smelling perfumes were either offered to royal personages and saints, or were diffused over the roads on which they travelled. To enjoy the freshness of the air, which is related to smell, it is recommended to burn fragrant incense or uplifting scents to purify the air.

Symbol Pictures

I remember as a kid whenever I read the story of ?the footprints in the sand?, it rejuvenated my spirits?this story still continues to refresh me whenever I feel down.

Reminder symbols help us to slow down and take inventory. Surround yourself with inspirational sayings from the spiritual books or motivational quotes by famous people. Choose the design that best fits your goal. If you are a student, hang out something which will remind you of your goal to become a scientist?(or whatever)

Bless Your Home

Many religions have customs for blessing a home and those who live within. The Hebrews have a tradition of placing a mezuzah on the doorposts of their homes (Deut 6:4-9 and 11:13-21). It is customary, upon entering or leaving a Jewish residence, to reverently touch the mezuzah. The Christians bless their homes with holy water signifying warding off of evil spirits.

Finally prayer and meditation is the most powerful method to enhance the spirit of a person because it fills the person with positive energy and a reason to move on.

Carol Pinto (Inviting your comments on this article)

Author: Carol Pinto- India

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