Happy Anniversary!

Having fascinated by fruit carvings that I have seen on our site, I always wanted to carve a watermelon for our 3rd Anniversary Celebration.  I browsed through the net to get some ideas, however, as I started carving, I was losing my patience.  Finally, I came up with my own idea and this is how the final piece evolved, after couple of hours of determination, patience and creativity!

Wash the watermelon and cut ? inch off the bottom lengthwise to provide a stable base.  With a non-toxic water-soluble marker or a sharp pencil, draw an oblong outline resembling a tray at the center, and cut the center piece just enough so that you can see the red flesh.  Remove the piece carefully and keep it aside. Even out the red flesh.  Now draw an outline just above the centerpiece as you wish.  For example: 3rd Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc. Peel the skin off with a small knife making sure you do not touch the letters.

Draw an outline of any lettering  you wish on the center piece that you cut and kept aside.  Cut each letter and with a tooth pick insert on the center of the watermelon.

Finally, to give a fancier look, cut a small piece of orange and place it on either side of the lettering with blueberries around it.  For the stem, cut a thin column of watermelon skin.  Insert the piece that you cut to provide a stable base making it look like a tray and decorate with blueberries.
You can use your own imagination and creativity to carve and give a final look to the watermelon!

Author: Queenie Mendonca- USA