Happy Birthday Alice Fernandes

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Happy birthday, Mai!
We hope everyone can see,
What a great mom you’ve always been,
And how much you mean to us.

We always think about you,
In times both good and bad,
For the things you taught are with us,
In happy times and sad.

On your birthday we wish you joy,
Just like you pass around.
May all your good times multiply,
And happiness abound.

Happy birthday, Mai!
May every second, minute
hour, day and year of your life
be filled with the kind of
comfort, security, and happiness
you give unfailingly to us.

M – Motivator
O – Omnipotent
T – Teacher
H – Helper
E – explorer
R – Reliable

Wishes from
Vincent / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa & Arnold (Dubai), Lancy / Sunitha & family, Joseph /Flavy & Ashley, Janet / Roney, Ruth / Cowan & Orpha (Dubai), Violet / Joseph, Ronak & Astel (Mangalore), Maxim & Family, Felcy / Rocky, Robin, Ronston and Roydon, Rajesh/ Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha & Sylvin, Ramcy / Latha / Ian & Aaron, Roshan / Divya/ Aiden and Arica, Kiran / Sushma / Adline Nia and Kyra.

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  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday mai. May God bless you with good health and happiness.

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