High Five! Hap..Hap..Happy 5th B-day G6 Music Cafe

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High Five! Hap..Hap..Happy 5th B-day G6 Music Cafe

Mangaluru: Time flies when you’re sipping cocktails, eating delicious fare and mingling with friends. If you ask G6-Music Cafe, five years in business they had multiple events and celebrations. As G6 celebrates five glorious years, a favorite place to wine, dine the management wants to thank the community that has been loyal and supportive of this locally-owned business for half a decade and counting. “We’ve felt the love from this community for half-a-decade now, and we want to thank you. We’re only here because of their unwavering support. We want our community to know they have as much of a role in the success of G6 as we do — and that we cherish that ”say owners Nigel Monteiro and Rohan Monteiro.


To mark the happy occasion a “5th Birthday Anniversary Cake” was cut by the owners, along with their family members, and it was later shared among them and the guests. Apart from lucky drawing, there were games and drink specials. Band “Ready Mixed” kept the guests grooving to their Western and Bollywood music, where few of the guests even got on the dance floor. It was indeed a perfect way to celebrate the five glorious years amidst family members, well-wishers, friends and customers. Nigel and Rohan are looking forward to your continued patronage in the years to come.


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Well, this is G6-the Music Cafe and you might as well give it a shot. A Cafe has a more happening scene with a faithful group of people who end up there and have some social time. The best thing about this place is the variety of music that is being played – Just great rock/pop/reggae/EDM/ etc and if you are heading to G6 then make sure you pick friends who enjoy similar style music or else you are not going to enjoy as much. Just enjoy your drink and have a burger or local/Indian cuisine while listening to great music. Just classic…

One of the very simple reasons music buffs or party revelers like G6 because you come in here any day of the week and it feels like a weekend! From kind hospitality and friendly management folks, they make you feel like their own. The servers here are great, polite and so very jovial! looks like they really enjoy their work which in turns makes the customers have a good lively time. The music and ambiance are perfect- Nothing to complain at all!


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It would not be an exaggeration to say that G6 has revolutionized the music scene in the City, and many times give an opportunity to budding musicians in town to expose their hidden talents. G6 has become the den of choice for the city’s art set, and it sits right in the heart of the City but it’s the kind of place you’re unlikely to find unless you be there and know about it. Air-conditioned with a comfortable seating arrangement, one can relax after a hectic day at work or college, and enjoy all the goodies and hospitality G6 has to offer. The array of drinks at G6 are synonymous to refreshing time, to unwinding and rejuvenate. So next time you are planning a birthday bash or celebrate any occasion or just spend some social time in a cozy atmosphere, make G6 your fun and entertainment headquarters.

Karaoke: Have voice, will travel ! You could be a star someday. If you have singing talents, don’t hide it — instead get up to the microphone and show you can really sing. You never know, you could be just another Indian Idol someday.And to get started, make your next night out a karaoke night. The Japanese started karaoke. Bars, taverns, clubs, restaurants and private gatherings are all hooked on to karaoke — because it’s part business booster, part therapy and keeps the crowd singing. Karaoke keeps the crowd going and stuffed. And it’s about having a good time, that’s all!

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Karaoke is getting so popular, an increasing number of newbies are getting braver. More people are participating who’ve never sung before. I think TV’s top-rated talent show “American Idol” and “Indian Idol” has something to do with this ongoing fascination. Also, the ongoing mania may be karaoke’s purported healing power in many ways — it can be psychologically therapeutic, it can be physically therapeutic. Music can change people for the better, that’s for sure.

To sum it up- at G6, the Music Cafe, the ambiance is beautiful. The service is very good and the staff is courteous. Food is awesome with a wide selection on the menu list. The music is amazing every day of the week and is G6 is also known for its perfect happy hours during weekdays. Must visit for people looking to chill out in this area. The food is pretty good too, unlike many other places which are just about Ok. I have been patronizing this for the last so many years, all I can say is that I love this place as this is a quick mix for a place which has good deals on booze and yummy food too, decent ambiance and good music. Simply a fun place to be for a social get-together. G6-It’s Alive!

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  1. Among all the socializing place in town I think G6 is the best- No rip off, friendly service and very courteous personnel. Wish them best of luck in their future endeavours. Nice article supporting a happening place.

  2. G6 is the best place to hangout with friends. The live music is awesome and one issue is to get parking space at peak hours, but it’s OK since in Mangalore we can park vehicles at roadside;) Service is one of the best in Mangalore

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