‘Higher & Nobler’- Mount Carmel CS celebrated a Decade of Excellence

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‘Higher & Nobler’- Mount Carmel CS celebrated a Decade of Excellence

With the Motto “Higher and Nobler” Mount Carmel Central School-Mangaluru celebrated a Decade of Excellence during a Pomp and Exuberance “Decennial Jubilee Celebrations” held on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at the School Campus.

Mangaluru: With Motto ‘Higher and Nobler’ Mount Carmel Central School-Mary Hill, Mangaluru completed its ten years of existence and celebrated a Decade of Excellence by hosting “Decennial Jubilee Celebrations” on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at the school grounds, in pomp and exuberance. The story of Mount Carmel Central School is a story of a decade of students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni who believed in the Apostolic Carmel sisters and their ideals of empowering through education and extending their service to all, promoting holistic excellence.

The audience which comprised of students, staff members, parents, well-wishers and PTA members witnessed a celebration of the 10 years of service during a glittering programme which comprised of music, dance, skit, and simply fun and frolic. A sense of fulfilment was in the air, the audience was enthusiastic and ecstatic, while the mood of the dignitaries who graced the occasion as well as the performers was upbeat. Going back to the history book, on June 2nd 2008, a new landmark in the history of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters of Karnataka Province where in the first CBSE school at Maryhill, Mangaluru, by the name Mount Carmel Central School came into existence with 136 students on roll from KG to Class V, who were driven by the zeal to bring out the best from these talented children, has come a long way since then. It has secured a place of pride in the hearts of the people in Mangaluru. And today the total strength at this school is 1800 plus- what a remarkable growth.

One could see a joyous crowd on Mount Carmel Central school grounds at 5.15 pm witnessing the finale of the Decennial Jubilee celebration. The eminent personalities Sr. Carmel Rita AC, Provincial Superior of the Apostolic Carmel, Karnataka; Dr. Sr. Lydia AC, the Councillor for Education, the Apostolic Carmel, Bengaluru; Dr. Sr. Agatha Mary AC, former Superior General; Rev. Fr. Andrew D’Souza, Parish Priest of Bondel Church; Sr. Ida Barboza AC, Secretary, the A C E Society, Karnataka; Sr. Maria Jyothi AC, the Joint Secretary of the school; Sr Melissa AC-Principal of MCCS; Sandeep D’Souza, Vice President of PTA, among other the special invitees to grace the occasion were welcomed at the gate with kumkum and rose water by school dancers.

The scouts and guides gave the lead followed by the 10 rotating flames of talim to the rhythmic beat of the band as the guests were ushered in. The sweet melody of the overture lent the atmosphere for the prayer song. The School Choir rendered the “Decennial Chorus” composed by Joey Mendonca o0f Mumbai, followed by the graceful movements of the classical dancers and the words of welcome by the school principal Sr Melissa AC united the audience into shared spirit and space with a warm feeling. Jump up and give praise for all the world to see the 10 years gone beautifully covering the journey of MCCS was presented in a creative and artistic documentary, which was released by Dr. Sr. Agatha Mary A C, former superior general of the Congregation, and was shown to the audience.

The stage performance set the way to recognize the efforts of student achievers of the year, the joy of the four students who climbed the 10 years step by step, the 1st teachers who followed the growth of the institution year by year, the initial mentors – Sr. Carissima A C, Sr. Henrita A C and Sr. Silvian A C who laid a strong foundation to foresee life beyond the day today challenges, the Councilors for Education at the province level – Dr. Sr. Lydia AC, Sr. Edna Furtado AC and Sr. Ida Barboza who initiated and supported right through and the Provincial Superiors at the helm – Dr. Sr. Agatha Mary AC, Sr. Oliva AC, Sr. Linette AC and Sr. Carmel Rita AC who saddled the growth with enthusiasm were honoured.

The honouring ceremony included a pot of bamboo plants amidst the usual shawl and fruits as a mark of Mount Carmel caring for the Mother Earth. The vice president of the PTA Sandeep DSouza appreciated the efforts and gentle approach of the Principal Sr. Melissa AC, who was referred as the “Captain of the School?”. The president of the celebration Sr. Carmel Rita did the honours by felicitating Sr Melissa AC for her Hard Work, Dedication, Commitment, Determination, Sincerity, Love, Affection and much more qualities, that she showed being at the helm as Principal of MCCS since 2010. The speakers Rev. Fr. Andrew D’souza, Dr. Sr. Lydia A C and Sr. Carmel Rita A C brought out the marvels of God’s work during the past 10 years and ushered in the next 10 years and more, for the institution to grow Higher and Nobler in all its quests with a rededicated look.

Fr Andrew in his speech congratulating MCCS said, ” This school is indeed a gift from God to this education hub. When you have an attitude of altitude, and when you are grateful for what you have, your chances to have a meaningful and successful life are greater. Start where you are now to develop this mindset. You have the potential to do many things, even those things you may think are impossible. Broaden your vision and keep moving forward–the sky truly is the limit. This school offers everything a student needs to come up in their academics and co-curricular activities- and with a Captain like Sr Melissa AC, this institution has no doubt reached greater heights and will still grow higher under tenure-ship. Along with Sr Melissa AC, other AC Sisters have contributed a lot towards the growth of this school during the years, for which we should be all grateful”

Sr Carmel Rita AC expressing her thoughts on MCCS and narrating how a school with just 136 students when it started 10 years ago has reached a student strength of over 1800-said, “While celebrating ten years of excellence in the field of education, you are all part of it. It has been a long journey that we all saw that this school reaching greater heights. And for all this we need to thank the Almighty God for his blessings for this success. Sr Melissa AC as a dynamic principal has done a marvelous job in managing this school, and due to her efforts in motivating and encouraging the students to excel not only in academics but also shine in co-curricular activities- MCCS has attained name and fame not only locally but Nationally and Internationally. Students, you are the future-this school is shaping you to become better citizens of India. Avail all the opportunities this school has to offer you- and be a smart and best student of MCCS”

Teacher Ms Vidya Rai proposed the vote of thanks. The cultural programme began with bright and beautiful seniors of the Kindergarten expressing their hearts elation in dance. The dance drama took the audience down the memory lane of 150 years of the establishment of the congregation and 10 years of Mount Carmel. The skit enacted by the students of the primary section gave the message when things go your way, it is living; but when things go their own way, it is life. The dance ballet by the seniors was an amalgamation of various dance forms which called for unity even in the midst of diverse culture, language and religion. The students brought the closure of the finale of the Decennial Year with a Christmas special. The 10 MC’s kept the audience curious throughout the programme. At the end, they signed off wishing the peace and joy of the Christmas season to all.

In conclusion, with a Vision “Excellence in holistic human resource development of learners towards building a just and humane society.” and with a Mission “Benchmarking academic and personal excellence with value integration and capacity building to transform the young minds, in keeping with the spirit of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation, Mount Carmel Central School (a Christian Minority Institution) has provided a healthy and sound environment for exploring their hidden potential, sparking innovative thinking, developing ecological sensitivity, seeking spiritual aspirations, enhancing emotional competencies and reaching out in compassion to champion the cause of justice, love, truth, harmony and peace in the society”. No doubt, Mount Carmel Central School-Mary Hill will surely reach much more greater heights, and become ONE of the BEST SCHOOLS in Mangaluru!

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