Illegal Water Connections & Rupture in Main Pipeline between Thumbe & Mluru Creates Water Crisis

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Illegal Water Connections & Rupture in the Main pipeline between Thumbe & Mangaluru at Naguri in City has Created a Water Crisis in many areas Wards in Mangaluru

Mangaluru: The illegal water connections by residents in between Thumbe and Mangaluru, a problem which has been going on since years, and nothing has been done to stop such practices, has resulted in low pressure in the main Thumbe dam water supply pipes and people in Mangaluru are facing the brunt of it. And as per the Mangaluru City Corporation sources, though the dam at Thumbe has maximum water stored in it, the residents in many parts of the city have been facing a water crisis for the past few days. According to officials of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), the water supply to the city was affected due to a rupture in the main pipeline between Thumbe and Mangaluru at Naguri in Mangaluru.

The disruption in water supply initially began when a bulk flow meter was being installed on the 1,000 mm pipeline at Bendoorwell on 6 February, and accordingly, water supply was disrupted partially at PVS, Ladyhill, Bunder, Maryhill, Pacchanady, Ashoknagar, Derebail, Kodialbail, Kadri, Naguri, Surathkal, Katipalla, Kuloor and Jalligudde.

The supply was fully disrupted at Kana, Bala, Kulai, Mukka and Panambur. However, the city corporation staff found a major crack in the main pipeline at Naguri at 1am on February 7.

Following this, the MCC took up the work to plug the leakage and the work continued till February 8. This led to the extension of water supply disruption even after the repair work was completed by 11am on February 8. “Water supply to the Panambur area was disrupted due to airlock in the pipeline. Later, the water supply to the Surathkal zone was restored after releasing the air from the pipeline through an air valve. Meanwhile, water supply was disrupted for three more days in many of the low-lying areas. Officials have been taking up all measures to solve the issue,” the MCC stated in a release.

Mayor Sudheer Shetty Kannur told media that the water supply to the city has been partially restored. “Officials and staff are working to restore the water supply to the entire city. Water supply has been restored to nearly 70% of the area and we are yet to ensure supply to the remaining 30% areas. Meanwhile, the city corporation has made arrangements to supply drinking water to residents in tankers. We also have convened a meeting of officials on Monday to discuss the issue,”added the Mayor.

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