Important Information to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Important Information to Know About Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is one of the most common financial crimes in the world today. The thought of losing your money and personal details can be so devastating. This article looks into the essential information you need to know about credit card fraud and how to keep safe.

How to Protect from Credit Card Fraud

The best way to protect from credit card fraud is by first understanding the sources of the scam. One of the leading causes of fraud is when unauthorized people access your credit card details. Top criminals are known to send emails that solicit for your personal and credit card details. The other lesser-known way involves stores keeping your data after purchase. They then use the data to bill you even without making purchases.

The first step towards keeping safe from credit card fraud is by keeping your details safe. Refrain from filling your credit card details to any suspicious data. Ensure you are conversant with a store’s credit card security policy before shopping with them.

Ultimately, regularly review your financial statements to observe any anomalies with your expenditure.

What to Do in Case of Credit Card Fraud

Realizing that you are a victim of credit card fraud is devastating. You not only lose your money but also open you to possible legal tussles when your details are used in other fraudulent activities. Contact the credit card issuer immediately you notice a credit card fraud. The issuer is in a position to identify if indeed the activity is fraudulent, block your card and issue you a new one.

To avoid becoming a frequent target, change all your passwords and PINs to harder to crack figures. In the meantime, you should also report to the credit bureau to help avoid creating other accounts using your details.

Change your financial details on the online shopping sites and other subscriptions to replace the fraudulent card.

Effects of Credit Card Fraud on Your Score

One of the major concerns for most credit owners after a credit card fraud is the effects on credit score. You don’t have to worry if your credit building credit cards is compromised. In as much as the fraud in most cases involve shopping and other debt accruing activities, reporting the case fast enough allows for correcting the situation by the issuer. You also don’t have to shoulder the expenses if at all, you are not responsible for the security breach.

The only concern you have to deal with in case of credit card fraud is when applying for loans. Before any financial institution gives you a loan, they have to verify the current state of your card after the breach. You must prove you have taken all the corrective measures and that you are not susceptible to future cases of credit card fraud.


Even though most companies have put in place the necessary tools to combat card fraud, criminals are also getting creative on how to gain personal information. While it might seem a daunting task, take a keen interest in your expenditure. Regularly monitor your financial transactions. Do not hesitate to report to your bank and the credit bureaus in case of any anomalies.

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