Is it a JOKE that Mangaluru Pub Attackers All Acquitted? What Kind of Justice is this?

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Is it a JOKE that Mangaluru Pub Attackers All Acquitted? What Kind of Justice is this?

Mangaluru: After waiting for nearly nine years, spending a huge amount on legal proceedings, finally we have a verdict that acquits everyone who was involved in the infamous 2009 ‘Amnesia Pub Attack’ that had made headline news locally, nationally and even internationally. The photos and videos taken on that day speak the TRUTH of how brutally the innocent young revellers were attacked by the so-called “Goondas”- and now they have all been acquitted by the court. Doesn’t make any sense and seems like a JOKE. Is this the kind of justice we have in India-or for that matter in Mangaluru? What more proof is needed, when there were live footages of the attack captured on video cameras.

Even in spite of the incident that generated national outrage after the video clips of the attack went viral, where it depicted several men allegedly dragging women at the pub by their hair, slapping and roughing them up and accusing them of “loose morals”, still the verdict was in favor of the culprits, which has left them free again to get into more such attacks on innocent fun loving young generation. On behalf of the victims, the petition was filed seeking punishment against the accused under several IPC sections, including rioting, house tress pass, dacoity, causing hurt, intentional insult with an intent to provoke breach of peace, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy.

Now after the verdict which has acquitted him as a free man, Muthalik is cooly saying “Through this verdict, we have got justice. It is a victory for truth. It is also a fitting reply for those who had termed my activists as Taliban. We did not have any intention to beat up women, but we are against the bar and pub culture. It is because of our efforts that many illegal pubs and bars have been closed. I am sorry as to what happened that day- my activists shouldn’t have reacted in such a way”. Wow- seems like Muthalik is a changed man now??- all these years he never accepted any wrongdoing by his “gang”- but now he is admitting it.

In the meantime, Social activist Vidya Dinker, the Coordinator, along with Core group members-Dilip Vas Naik and Mahesh Nayak of Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development in their statement to have said, “We the Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development are severely disappointed by the wholesale acquittal of all the accused in the Amnesia Pub Attack of 2009. This outcome is entirely unexpected and we had been hoping for the strictest punishment for the guilty as per law. We demand that the state government take measures to immediately appeal the present judgment and make every effort possible to prove the guilt of the accused and ensure legitimate punishment for them.”

“Amnesia Pub Attack had made international headlines due to the graphic violence and the world had seen live TV footage of the brutal attack on young girls. Newspapers had carried photographs of the goons beating up the victims. It is distressing to note that despite such strong video and photographic evidence and a trial lasting nearly 10 years the prosecution has failed to bring the guilty parties to justice. The Amnesia ‘Pub Attack’ marked the onset of immoral policing in Mangalore which has destroyed the foundations of civic freedoms in this region and allowed criminal culture to flourish and terrorise the young and citizens in general, with political backing.”

“The present judicial outcome of acquittal of all the accused will certainly send a wrong message to the society that criminals can get away scot-free. It will undermine public confidence in the law of the land and its ability to protect our civil rights. Young citizens who are picking up the courage to speak out and complain against immoral goons will be pushed into silence again.”

“It has often been reported that in many media interactions, Sri Rama Sene’s chief Pramod Mutalik had himself made statements accepting the guilt of the accused. Today, after being acquitted, he has been brazen enough to celebrate his ‘victory’ by distributing sweets and bursting crackers. Media reports indicate that here again, he has made statements tantamount to accepting guilt for the pub attack. All this only makes a mockery of the criminal justice system. Hence we urge the state government to pursue the matter seriously and immediately take steps to strive and reverse the judgment by addressing all the loopholes and shortcomings of the case. “

So what’s next now? Are the citizens of Mangaluru, especially the youth are going to remain quite or will they raise their voice- is what we will have to wait and see with fingers crossed?

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  1. I can give a few examples to make it easier for you to understand.
    Imagine a situation wherein the identity of gold smugglers are intentionally hidden by media outlets on daily basis.
    Imagine a situation where ‘journalists’ intentionally ignore potential ISIS influence on local youth but lecture everyone on noise pollution due to Deepavali.
    Imagine a situation where ‘journalists’ shamelessly protect a local politician while blaming MCC officials.
    Sounds familiar? As I have said many times on this forum, in a third-world country, everything tends to follow the third-world standards. Be it justice system or journalism.

  2. Why don’t you organise a march court gudde chalo and see why cases get dismissed because no witnesses turn up? You can go to sukeunde stall later and enjoy sukrunde and kabbina haalu.

  3. Dear Sir…. this is nothing considering the acquittal of 2 G SCAM accused people with a single line judgement ….shame on us !
    Now the Supreme court is tellinghat “INVISIBLE HAND ” is influencing Karti and Chidambaram case too.
    Sunanda Pushkar case was pushed to the dust bin!

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