Journos To Lose Some Fat Doing Yoga? Yoga Training Camp Launched at Press Club

Journos To Lose Some Fat Doing Yoga? Yoga Training Camp Launched at Press Club

 Mangaluru : A journo’s daily lifestyle depends on running from place to place covering events, either by their own vehicles or by bus- and then come back to the office, sit in front of the computer and make reports or draft of articles to be published- and this being a routine procedure, there is hardly any time for exercising or other outdoor activities to maintain a physical and healthy life. Keeping this in mind, Dakshina Kannada Working Journalists’ Association (DKWJA) and Press Club, Mangaluru in association with ISIRI Healthy India Mission, will be having a month-long Yoga Camp for Journalists’ commencing on 22 May 2019, every morning from 6.30 am -7.30 am at the Press Club Building, Urwa-Mangaluru.

No doubt, Yoga is one of the simplest forms of exercise you can do to improve your health, mind, and body. All you need is a yoga mat, and some comfortable clothing or none if you prefer naked yoga! This ancient practice into your lifestyle can help boost your brain and heart health as well as the body strength and flexibility— just to name a few. To put simply, there is not a thing yoga can not improve! So all you journos, if you are thinking about getting started, here are few reasons to motivate and propel you forward. Yoga- Improves Your Flexibility; Develop Your Strength; Reduce Your Stress Level; and May Help You Lose Weight. So are you ready to kick-start your journey with yoga? Why wait, sign up and start doing Yoga from tomorrow!

The Yoga Camp was launched at the Press Club on Monday, 21 May by Ms Uma Prashanth- SP of Anti-Corruption Bureau, along with Darshan Jain, the director of ISIRI Healthy India Mission, Srinivas Nayak Indaje-President of DKWJA and Jagannath Shetty Bala, the ex-president of DKWJA. In her inaugural address Ms Uma Prashanth said, “When Yoga is practiced with intention, it can help you relax your mind and body and give you the feeling of oneness. In addition to improving your physical strength, and flexibility, reducing your stress and enhance your mental focus, yoga can also help you get better sleep at night. Just like any other form of exercise, yoga can be an effective tool for weight loss also”

She further said, “We always have excuses saying that we don’t have time for exercise or Yoga. Just like our other planning/schedules we can spare 10 0r 15 minutes towards improving our lifestyle through yoga/exercises. I think this is a good initiative taken by Press Club for their journos. Even though you all are busy, but make some time for this yoga camp, if not you are not doing justice to your life,” .

Also speaking on the occasion, Darshan Jain said, “Our mission is to improve the Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual health of Mangaloreans. It feels great to take up such initiatives which helps improve healthy lifestyle of the people, including the journalists who work hard day and night. I had also taken part in a health lifestyle programme organized for the prisoners. It feels great to be associated is such programmes for a social cause, and by involving myself in such social service activities, I have gained a lot of exposure and also given me courage to speak in front of a large gathering, which I lacked earlier. Even the drug awareness programme that was held in 2018, which brought changes in me, made myself to involve in many more social service activities, thereby rendering my service to the community”.