‘Kala Sampada’-a drawing guide book for IX Std Students by Best Teacher Awardee Ms Rajeshwari K Released

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‘Kala Sampada’-a drawing guide book for IX Std Students by District Level 2022-23 “Best Teacher” Awardee Ms Rajeshwari K Released

Mangaluru: Kala Sampada Book release programme by Ms Rajeshwari Kudupu was held at Mangaluru Press Club . Smt. Aruna Kumari C. Head Teacher, Canara High School, Dongarkeri, Mangaluru delivered introductory remarks by Rajeshwari Kudupu, author of “Kala Sampada”, about her introduction and achievement. K. Suresh Kamath, Correspondent, Canara High School, Mangaluru released the Kala Sampada book and expressed his appreciation.

After that, Mrs. Rajeshwari Kudupu recalled the encouragement of her husband, K. Ramananda Rao, and Mrs. Aruna Kumari, Head Teacher of Canara High School, and the Management Board of Canara High School, for the creation of the Art Book of Class IX. Rajeshwari thanked her brother Vasanth Kedige for his immense role in the creation of this book and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for his encouragement and cooperation. Mrs. Fatima Senior Professor Diet Mangalore congratulated Rajeshwari K and all senior members of Canara High School who contributed to the book.

Mrs. Rajeshwari Kudupu has served as an art teacher for 30 years in Canara High School, Dongerkeri, Mangaluru. A District “Best Teacher Awardee”, she has already created a drawing guide book for class VIII students. It is a pleasure to say that this art asset book has been appreciated by everyone from the education department to the state level. More inspired by the benefits of the guide book, he has now created a book called “Kala Sampada” for ninth grade students with the aim of inculcating design skills, creativity and creativity among the students. It is hoped that this art resource book will be a guide for ninth graders to motivate students and also useful for children appearing for grade exams. This book has been created in the same model and under the guidance of the Education Department’s Art Teacher’s Manual Govt. of Karnataka.

Rajeshwari K. the art teacher of Canara High School not only beautifies her school through art but also works hard to beautify the field education officer’s office, walls and premises of other schools. He has shown his skill in beautifying various schools which addressed polling booth beautification during elections. Let the arts book inspire more enthusiasm and interest in painting and let all children benefit from it.

Rajeshwari K has encouraged school students to participate in extracurricular activities. Every year in the summer camp children are taught painting, paper craft, doll making glass paint, fabric paint, mask making, clay art. As a worker/trainer resource person for children’s knowledge development through the environment, she has delivered several dozen programs.

In the Kala Sampada book launch programme joining Mrs. Rajeshwari Kudupu, Art teacher, Canara High School, were K. Suresh Kamath, Convener, Canara High School, Mangalore, Mrs. Fatima Senior Professor, Diet Mangalore, Mrs. Aruna Kumari C. Head teachers, Canara High School, Dongerkery Mangalore, Vasanth Kedige and Rajendra Kedige (both Mrs Rajeshwari’s brothers) were present.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Mrs Rajeshwari said, ” Being an artist and a arts teacher for a long time, it was my dream to bring out an Art Book on some of the great talents of art in our illustrious heritage of Karnataka, which will help the students of IXth grade in our schools to understand the vast pool of talent our history represented over the period of time. This book will inspire the young minds to unravel the hidden talent within them and hone their design skills and fine tune their creative ideas to become true students of art and become professionals in future. This book is useful for their higher grade examinations. My earlier book which was prepared for the 8th standard students was well appreciated by the students, teachers and also the state education department”.

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