Karanvir Bohra Makes His Digital Debut in ‘The Casino’

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Karanvir Bohra Makes His Digital Debut in ‘The Casino’

The new era in the TV and film industry sees producers seeking to harness the endless opportunities provided by digital media in order to reach out to a wider audience. It is no wonder then that the new series “The Casino” starring Karanvir Bohra, is being developed as a web series.

“The Casino” to premiere on ZEE5

The new TV series will see Bohra starring as the lead character Vicky, an heir to his father’s casino business that is worth billions. Despite his lavish upbringing, Vicky is a humble and loving young man, who must rise to the occasion as his story unfolds. The show already started filming in January 2020, with shooting taking place in Mumbai as well as in Nepal. It is set to premiere in early June on web channel ZEE5. Although Bohra has already worked with the Zee network in popular TV series Qubool Hai, while he also served as the host for the network’s reality TV show India’s Best Judwaah.

Yet “The Casino” will mark his web-based debut and he has described the show as “unique”. The series full title contains its catchphrase, “My Game My Rules”, and is described as an action thriller. The plot is rumoured to heavily center around the casino theme – a smart choice as online casinos are becoming increasingly popular with Indian players. Today, sites like Asiabet, for example, specifically cater to Asian players, providing a catalogue of tailored online games and classic casino titles – thus illustrating the nation’s fondness towards this modern industry.

The 37-year-old actor has expressed his enthusiasm that the show will be exploring the underrepresented casino setting, focusing on the glamour and intrigue of the world of gambling. The plot is set to have several twists, and Bohra will be delivering a complex and nuanced character, with his very own dark streak and demons to battle.

Bohra excited to work on the new medium

The story will revolve around Vicky’s attempts to prove himself a worthy heir to his father’s gambling empire while struggling with his own reluctance to take his place within high society. Sudhanshu Pandey has been cast in the role of his billionaire father, who is still unconvinced that his son will be able to take over as the head of the family business. A seductive character with her own agenda is going to be portrayed by Mandana Karimi, as she manipulates her way through the series.

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The show will also feature several other characters vying for a piece of Vicky’s promised empire – with actors including Aindrita Ray and Dhanveer Singh being cast in lead roles. “The Casino” will be directed and produced by Hardik Gajjar and will span across ten episodes. It will be Bohra’s first step into the world of digital TV, as it heralds a new age in TV and entertainment. Bohra himself has explained that he is very excited to work with this new medium, as digital TV allows for more experimentation and catering to niche audiences with a higher degree of liberty.

Bohra also mentioned that there will be something for everyone in the new series, as it will offer the whole package: from the glitz of high society and big money, to mystery, deceit, and conspiracies. With his fans already eagerly awaiting, it is easy to expect it will be a huge success!

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