Karnataka Cultural Foundation Holds ‘EDUQUEST’ Quiz in Dammam

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Saudi Arabia: Karnataka Cultural Foundation (KCF), a socio-cultural platform of Kannadiga Muslims, organized a mega quiz contest “EDUQUEST” for the community students studying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


A huge gathering of around seven hundred people were spellbound by the competitive spirit displayed by the students in the first ever such EDUCATIONAL event organized for the promotion of competitive environment among students of the community. Mangalorean community here in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia is well known for organizing huge community gatherings, however this particular gathering received special appreciation from everyone for being unique and first of its kind in the Mangalorean expatriate community.

The occasion also witnessed an awesome entertainment quiz contest held for the professionals working in different companies in the region. The colorful evening quiz gathering was also a wholesome community entertainment event with spectacular display of the traditional DUFF performance by KCF DUFF team during the intervals. Devotional songs, poetry reading and open quiz challenge to audience kept the audience glued to their seat for about six hours. The height of curiosity and enthusiasm generated by this event was most visible when people were seen rushing back in competition to capture seats after the break.

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EDUQUEST students’ quiz contest was the grand finale for winners in the qualifying level quiz contests held in cities such as Dammam, Khobar, Jubail, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madinah. The twelve winners from different cities were grouped into six teams. By drawing lots, these six teams were allotted to different companies who were the sponsors of the event. Big business entities run under the leadership of Mangaloreans such as Al- Muzain, RAISCO Group, Expertise Industrial Services, Al- Falah Group of Companies, Real Tech Industrial Services and FABROTECH had come forward to own the teams to promote this first ever educational competitive event of the community.

The quiz contained five rounds comprising one round of Islamic questions and two rounds of general knowledge questions, a picture round and a rapid fire round in the end. The students quiz generated lot of interest as all the teams were of equal strength and fought for every point. RAISCO, AL-Falah, and MUZAIN teams were tied up with 150 points each at the end. Finally, the tie breaker round saw Al- Falah team comprising Suhaib and Adnan from International Indian School Jubail emerging victorious and MUZAIN team comprising Aakif and Mahir of International Indian School Dammam as runner-up.

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The selected six teams of professionals from different regions of the Saudi Arabia participated in the ‘Adult quiz contest’. Here too, by drawing lots six teams were allotted to different sponsoring companies. Companies such as Suhana Travels, Arabian Clouds, SAMCON, Techxon, Red Sea Housing and Spectrum Indus were pronounced owners of Adult quiz teams. Islamic general knowledge, Identifying logos of the companies/products, identifying the personalities, current affairs, and rapid fire question were the different rounds in this segment. Teams owned by Red Sea Housing with Nizam and Rameez Kulai(Both from Riyadh) and Spectrum Indus with Salman Ullal and Jamal Swalih (Both from JUBAIL) emerged victorious and runner-up respectively. Attractive cash prizes and trophies were distributed to winners among students. Adults were given attractive trophies and prizes.

Well-structured stage setup and state of the art quiz devices were arranged for the grand quiz occasion in which Kamarudeen was the quiz master. The quiz master expressed heartfelt thanks to Aboobakkar Padubidre, the chairman of the organizing committee of this quiz gathering, NS Abdullah, the international coordinator of KCF, Haneef Manjanady, senior advisor of KCF, Asif Goodinabali, a senior leader of Saudi National KCF, Umar Farook Katipalla, Gen. Secretary, KCF Saudi National Committee, Mohammad Belthangady, commander of volunteer team, Faizal Krishnapura, and Shafeeq among so many others who were instrumental in realizing the dream of first ever educational community ‘Mulaqat’ in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Well trained KCF volunteer team led by its commander Mohammad Belthangady received special attention and appreciation from everyone for their disciplined approach in serving guests and audience in this evening gathering.

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Addressing the gathering the President of KCF Saudi Arabia, Usthad Yousuf Saqafi Baithar briefed about the member welfare scheme launched by the KCF and expressed satisfaction about the way KCF gaining mass popularity among expatriate Kannadigas in Saudi Arabia in particular and Gulf Countries in general. He appreciated the way in which Dammam zone conceptualized this event and carried it out in most professional way possible. KCF is already in the limelight everywhere in GCC countries by being useful to expatriates in educational and welfare activities and it will continue carrying out useful educational activities to expatriates within the ambit of culture and traditions of the land so that expatriates remain cheerful and motivated in their work, he added.

The quiz master hailed the support of the business groups for the success of this event. He said all business groups headed by Mangaloreans were unanimous in stressing the need for such educational competitive events and they were happy that KCF pioneered such an initiative in Saudi Arabia.

Karnataka Cultural Foundation utilized the occasion to launch a welfare scheme for its members. DP Yousuf Saqafi Baithar KCF Saudi National President, NS Abdullah, the convener of KCF International Council, Aboobakkar Padubidre, member of KCF International Council and Umar Farook Katipalla, Gen. Secretary of KCF Saudi National Committee launched the welfare scheme by handing over the welfare scheme logo to Saleem Kanyadi, the Convener of KCF Saudi Arabia welfare division.

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Also, the occasion was utilized to felicitate the KCF members who were instrumental in bringing in highest gold and silver membership to ‘Gulf ISHARA’ monthly informative magazine circulated in Gulf countries on behalf of KCF. Asif Goodinabali, the national leader of KCF in Saudi felicitated the volunteers who were involved in bringing honored membership to ‘Gulf ISHARA”

The “open quiz challenge” thrown to the audience made the huge gathering stand on their toes awaiting their chance to answer the questions. Elders, youngsters, and children among the audience were seen enthusiastically participating in the open quiz challenge. Attractive prizes were given to winners among the audience.

The colorful evening program began with Dua followed by that General Secretary of Dammam zone KCF Faizal Krishnapura welcomed the gathering. Hafil Abdul Majeed Saqafi recited Qira’ath and in the end, Umar Farook Kuppetti, the chairman of organization division of KCF Dammam Zone delivered the vote of thanks. A live telecast of the program was arranged to allow the ladies to watch the program. An entertainment quiz was held for ladies too at the ladies hall in all women environment. Sumptuous Dinner was served on the occasion. Snacks and drinks were supplied to audience intermittently throughout the duration the program in an organized way.

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