Kaw Kaw! Animal Lover Prashanth Poojary to Offer His ‘Kakke’ (Crow) for ‘Uttarakriye’ Rituals for FREE!

Kaw Kaw! Animal Lover Prashanth Poojary to Offer His ‘Kakke’ (Crow) for ‘Uttarakriye’ Rituals for FREE!

Mangaluru: There are many things that you can hire for certain events, but this is something different- you can hire a CROW for the ‘Uttarakriye”, a ritual performed by families in Hindu Community, on the 11th day after a person has died. Sources reveal that a Hindu death ceremony is incomplete until a crow is fed. And here is a young man, Prashanth Poojary Kapu, a tailor by profession, who has come forward to offer the services of his Crow for ‘Uttarakriye’ ritual.

After Poojary’s post on this service had gone viral on Facebook, he had received lots of enquiries via facebook. Regarding the ‘Uttarakriye’ ritual, is that Hindus believe that the departed soul comes in the form of a crow- and for that a meal on a banana leaf is offered to a crow/crows consisting of three rice balls, and only after the crow eats, then the family members and important guests have their meal. It is learnt that in case the crow refuses to eat, it is believed that the departed soul is not at peace.

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And due to the infrastructure development in the City where lots of trees had been cut, Mangaluru doesn’t see a much population of crows, as it used to decades ago. Therefore, Prashanth Poojary has allegedly claimed on his Facebook account that he ready to offer his crow for the ‘Uttarakriye’ ritual, wherever it is performed- and once the crow eats the meal, he returns back with his pet ‘Kakke’?

Prashanth Poojary says, “I am an animal lover and have rescued several injured animals including monitor lizards, and other reptiles, and once treated, I release them back in the woods. I found this crow after it fell from a coconut tree, and rescued it from dying. I do take this crow if anyone requests for the Uttarakriye ritual as a courtesy free service, and I have never charged anyone for this service. There are rumours that I was demanding Rs 1000 for hiring the crow for Uttarakriye ceremony locally, and Rs 3000 for the ceremony held outstation, which is all lies. In the voice clip that has gone viral, it has been doctored by culprits, and I will be filing a complaint at the Cyber police station”. Seems like a Unique Business by a Unique Crow for a Unique Hindu Ritual!

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Nice Article.
But, When he is pleading that he is not charging, why did you end the article saying it is a good business?