KCCI President Jeevan Inaugurates Inter-district Swimming competition at Eden

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KCCI President Jeevan Inaugurates Inter-district Swimming competition at Eden

Mangaluru: The Eden Aquatic and Sports Foundation organized the Inter-district Swimming competition for boys and girls at the Eden club Swimming pool here on October 30.

The competition was inaugurated by the President of Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industries Jeevan Saldanha by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.


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Addressing the gathering Jeevan Saldanha said, “In Today’s world youngsters need take part in competitions. In a competitive environment where too much emphasis is placed on education, we need to encourage youngsters to take part in sports which will help them develop physically as well as mentally. Sports will also help them build confidence and prepare for the future. Winning and losing is the part of a game but the participation is more important. The participants should take the competition in a sportive spirit and exhibit their skills”. He also congratulated the organizers for their annual swimming competitions and encouraging the children to take part.

The Deputy director of District Youth Empowerment and sports Pradeep D’Souza speaking on the occasion said, “I am very pleased to be here and see the little children taking part in the swimming competitions. Sports activities will help the children to exhibit their hidden talents and build confidence in them. The government has introduced the Yuva Kreeda Sanjeevini scheme for sports persons. The scheme will provide the scholarship for the sports persons. The Eden Aquatic and Sports Foundation has been promoting sports and organizing competitions every year. It is a good move by the foundation to encourage the students to prepare themselves for the state and national level sports”.

Founder Trustee of Eden Aquatic foundation Eugene Rent, Chief convener Dr R N Sujir, Sports Chairman and convener Ivan James Pinto also spoke on the occasion.

Secretary of the foundation Sudhir Kumar Jalan compered the programme and delivered the vote of thanks.

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