Konkan Connections – 4

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“Stop the car…” gestured Xavier.  He had reached the Shiv Temple and Hanuman temple near the Santacruz BEST bus depot on SV Road. He got down and bought the garland created by leaves, removed his slippers and entered the hanuman temple. He bought the oil from the vendor. Now, he kneeled down and garlanded the Hanuman statue and poured the oil on its head. He completely bowed in front of the statue and recited his prayers and took a round of the place. En route he met ?Shani Deva’s statue and he bent down and prayed again.  He came out, put on his slippers and went to Shiva’s Temple next door. He repeated the same ritual.  He could see many of the devotees doing the same including some TV serial actors and small Gujarati, Marwari businessmen etc. Now very much contented, Xavier took his hurried steps towards the car, keeping his handkerchief against his head with concern, hoping no one would recognize him!

Thoughts of his strange rituals attacked Xavier! There is a story in Ramayana epic as to how Shani Deva had made a vow to protect Hanuman’s devotees.

Ravan, the King of Lanka was a dare devil warrior and was very powerful.  He wanted to conquer the world. He had set his eyes on the Kingdom of Heaven. The king of course is Indra!  He wanted to conquer Devas and teach them a lesson.  But, his ministers had told him there is an all-powerful Shani Deva, who needs to be conquered and captured. Then only all the Shani or bad omen of Ravana and his tribe will diminish. He will be the unchallenged ruler of all the three worlds! And Ravana did exactly that!  He challenged and fought Shani Deva, captured him and imprisoned him in one of his cells in Lanka. For the whole world, there was no Shani Deva. After many months, when Hanuman in search of Sita came to Lanka, set ablaze in the whole city. The prison holding Shani Deva also caught fire! Thus Shani Deva escaped that day. He was indebted to Pawan Puthr Veer Hanuman.  He made a vow that he will never target the devotees of Hanuman in future.  He had a soft corner for them and deep down inside he knew that they will be saved from Shani’s glare!

Trnnn… trnnnn…

Xavier’s mobile cried.

“Hello” a very harsh voice of Xavier echoed in the car!
” Hi Uncleji.. I am Silvi”

Haan.. Yes, Silvi, How are you?

Jee, Uncleji, today again my boy friend’s father created a scene in our house. Please Uncleji, call him and ask him not to come home and shout at my mom and me?” sobbingly said Silvi!

“Arre Silvi, I am rushing for a meeting, don’t worry. I will speak to Kapil Parekh. Don’t worry beta, I will solve the problem..”

“Thank you.. Uncleji. Only because you are supporting or else I would not have gone ahead with this relationship?!” Silvi was heartbroken.

” Ok, don’t worry, bye” Xavier ended the conversation.


Silvi was studying in second year B.Com at National College, Bandra. She was Xavier’s neighbor.  She was staying along with her mom in the ?Esperanca’ building on the first floor.  Her father had divorced her mother.  Her mom was having a job in Corporation Bank at hill road.  Silvi was an attractive girl.  She was the exact replica of her dad.  At age 18, she looked like an actress. The fair complexion and tall figure was enough for Kapilbhai’s son Vivek to fall head over heels in love with her. Vivek stayed in the same building ?Le Pepeyone’ as Xavier.  Xavier’s children had deserted him, so he was very much fond of Silvi. He was very supportive to her.

Silvi? wanted Tom to meet Vivek by hook or crook today and tell him how his father came to their house and blasted her mother and her self with expletives!

He threatened them with dire consequences and left. Suddenly her fingers ran through the mobile. No matter what, she wanted to speak to Vivek. That’s all.  Let the world go to…!

Author: Donald Dsilva- Mumbai

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