Konkan Connections – 8

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Abraham seemed to be happier today. Yesterday’s meeting at Khyber restaurant went on very well. Kudwa and Abraham, both grilled James to their heart’s content. They were there till late at night. Nobody in Mumbai has dared to expose or initiate fights with these four. They are the Mangaloreans with high connections!

But, still, because of Xavier, they were in a slight problem.  Well, like an outsider may say, they have problems! Well, very much so! But, deep inside every one loved each other’s company. Xavier was very old, so he will have his share of old man tantrums. Only Abraham was wee bit too fed up with Xavier’s verbal diarrhea! He can’t stand people who criticize their own family and friends! The other two always calmed him down against Xavier.

He started thinking hard. The enemy has to be from either Mangalore or Kerala. He spoke to Yeshwant today. In fact, Yeshwant had already visited most of the Cricket bookies, Night club owners and Drug Peddlers in the city. Also a few reformed crime lords and police informants!  He sought information from every quarter; still, there was a huge question mark!

There are bigger sharks in Mumbai as well. Why would anybody target Abraham? And what will be the man’s gain? Old man Xavier ran away and got cocooned in his pad. He got so frightened that he even had switched off his cell phone. Then…then… who is the culprit? …     

His eyes were swollen. There was no sleep for him the whole night. Business will rise. But, as Kudwa says, there has to be someone who knows about them and their operations very closely. But, which way can they track!

He had lost interest in booze. Anyways, he is not getting younger nowadays, even though his health ias very good. Still, the mental stress and trauma has taken its toll on him. Let’s invite Yeshwant over.  Yeshwant Shetty is a very intelligent man. He will help in brain storming. And, eventually they may get breakthroughs..His fingers danced on his mobile?.

“Hello, Yeshwant”

“Yeah..Hi..Abby.. tell me, how was yesterday’s meeting?”

“Well. Good enough. According to James, there is no one in Mumbai whom we can call as our enemies. We are friends to all. We have no disputes whatsoever with anybody. So there is a very remote chance of someone from Mumbai involved in the conspiracy against us.” Abby was in full throttle..

“Well.. Xavier had called..he is putting the blame on Rilsy Vaz..!!”

“That snake from Mangalore..” spat Abby with his mouth and eyes open in excitement!!

“Yeah…very much so” Xavier is angry like hell. Rilsy has to pay Xavier a lot of money…running in several lakhs!! His wife Lolly has enacted the whole drama!!’ Yeshwant was sounding very agitated.

“Yash.. we need to teach the husband and wife a very good lesson if this treachery is found true.. Where is Kudwa.. Where is Xavier?” Abby was trembling in anger.

Kudwa has to attend a child naming ceremony today. So, he is unable to attend today’s meeting of ours. Xavier wants to join us. He is at his doctor’s place for treatment for high blood pressure.

“Hey, Yash, come over man. We can discuss about it at my home. We need to find a solution to this soon…”

Awright..will reach there in half an hour?

..Ok…see ya…

Abby hung up.


Silvi was standing in front of ‘Fame Adlabs’ since an hour. No sign of Vivek until now! Again and again she was gazing at her watch and cursing.. she was livid with Vivek, this guy was head over heals in love with her. She had cut short her relationship with Aslam, a bus driver of St. Mary’s School bus. He was not a common man. He was the son of ex-MLA Mr. Zainuddin Khusroo of Bandra. Only problem was that he was his son from his third marriage. He wanted to prove a point to his father that he and his mother can disown him as well. Like a few film stars who happen to be single parents, his mother can always look after him and after he gets a job, he can look after the mother, all along cursing the politician father. Good new found ideology indeed. Worst part was the father was from Bhatkal and mother from Ratnagiri district! Viva Konkan!!

Ting tong… ting tong… Silvi’s mobile started singing..

“Hey… you scoundrel” shouted Silvi without looking at her caller’s ID.

“My child.. what’s wrong with you..?”

“Errr.. Father Nicholas…”  Silvi turned beetroot red in embarrassment…

“Dear… Please come to my church residence” said Fr. Nicholas.

“Your mom is here. Aslam’s father has met with an accident. So rush fast. Your mom and others from inter-sessionary prayer group are joining together to pray with fasting, for his life.  They plan to go to Sacred heart Church to pray. My child? you are her strength.. please join her now. She is totally aghast!! She likes your Aslam and her mother too much!”

Silvi was dumbstruck! Her mother used to admire Aslam to no end! He was very open hearted! Brave boy? He wanted to marry Silvi by any means. He was born rich..But, was extremely angry with his father. He wanted to defame his father by belittling himself in front of his father’s cronies and party followers. She was crazy to cut short the relationship as Vivek was constantly following her and showering her with gifts. He had a Pulsar and had enough green backs!’

Silvi wiping her flowing tears made gestures for an auto to stop. Her cheeks were wet with overflowing tears. Aslam.. oh Aslam…you are so nice. I simply fell for this Vivek. Good for nothing…Heck with him, I am going for a prayer meeting?!!

“Sacred heart church please…” Silvi was emotional?

(to be continued…)

Author: Donald Dsilva- Mumbai

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