Konkan Connections – 9

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Today Yashwant was in his elements. He wanted to solve the problem by hook or crook. It was difficult, but some how, He needed to gather evidence and prove that Rilsy Vaz is the culprit. Even though they were convinced, still this is an issue which was time bound. Xavier was dead serious too. Abraham and Kudwa were hell bent on taking the war to the opposition. The wily Yashwant today had got his friend, High Court criminal lawyer, Advocate Nitin Parekh along with him. He knew Abraham must be waiting. He had many a strategy sessions with Nitin. He had great faith in Nitin’s abilities in finding a political solution. Also Nitin and South Mumbai Congress(I) leader ‘Imtiaz Kerkar’ were also class mates. If need be, he can use Imtiaz’s henchmen and finish the back stabber Rilsy!

The nokia tune rang..

Yashwant said hello. He was used to blue tooth technology now.

“Hey, Yash.. Where are you?”

“Abby, I am at Regal Cinema. Just that Nitin has to drop a document to James’ Guest house. We will meet in an hour.”

“I see, Nitin is with you! Good idea! I am waiting..” Abrham hung up.

Well…Abraham shook his head in admiration. He had great faith in Yashwant’s abilities. He is coming along with Nitin means, definitively there is going to be a solution to the problem of Rilsy Vaz.

Abraham had gone to his house twice where he stays with his family. But, He cant bear to listen to  all nonsense stuff now from his wife. His son also will never understand what is transpiring in his mind.

They will never know about the vast sacrifices He had made to give them happiness and create wealth. Today they want Abraham to sit at home. His business will be run by his staff nonetheless. What a cruel joke?

His wife was pressurizing him to contemplate retirement. But, how on earth these women know that it is not possible for self made people to just stop working one day and sit at home.

That’s why He used to prefer to stay alone and only have his close friends for company. After all, they had an issue to settle. Abraham always loved to be carried to the cemetery from his office. He is the sort of guy, who never would like to waste even a minute. Without his knowledge, deeply immersed in thoughts he had come to the balcony.

Looking down the balcony, He could see the same old regular scenario. Hordes of vehicles, honking relentlessly plying around. The sound pollution was at its zenith. He could see ‘Lalit Bar & Restaurant’ in front of him. It always gave him nostalgic memories. He might have spent most of his Saturday and Sunday evenings there for two decades! Also, at times enjoyed food at ‘Snow Flakes’ restaurant. Today they both gave a forlorn look. Metro, The popular cine- theatre is going to be converted into a multi-plex soon.

The old charm is gone…sighed Abraham. The Mumbai he knew and the Mumbai today are unbelievable. It is no longer a heaven. The mad rush was there then and also same exists today. But, there was humanity. There was a kind of tolerance. Today, there is no such concern for each other. People, just want to come up dumping the other. Media and technology has played a big role in shaping up teenagers minds. Mobile phone discovery is one such evil satanic device, followed by Internet!

Today’s teenagers are more smarter but, sick in their minds. They are exposed to various cultural divides. They always are well informed and their conversations at Bus stops and in school buses will leave the eavesdropper zapped! The new generation has an edge over the old, but traditions are dying! Children, past their eighth standard will always try to teach their parents. They do not have the decency to adhere to their parent?s wishes.

“Ding dong”..door bell rang.

“Hi…I hope we are not late…Yashwant stood at the door smiling. Abraham welcomed them both.”

“So, Nitin Bhai….how is crime rate in Mumbai today?”

“…Well,  Abraham bhai, it is very much under control. Mumbai Police are totally in control of Law and Order. The judiciary is also doing their jobs well. The conviction rates in courts are high” Nitin was grinning from ear to ear.

“So, what do you prefer to drink? It is still 11.45 am” Abraham was wondering as to what he should offer to drink…

“I have to rush to court. So a glass of water is fine” Nitin showed his lawyer’s hurriedness.

“Yash, please ask Nitin bhai to cancel his meetings. He has a battery of assistants. A popular criminal lawyer of the High Court need not be disturbed by daily chores…”

“Well.. Abraham saab…I need to…”

“Yash, lets go to Ambassador Hotel” Abraham cut short his words.

Yash was also in two minds. He definitely would not like to drink in the afternoon. But, still need to solve the problem of the cunning jackal, Rilsy Vaz! Yes, sounds good. Treat Nitin to a 4-star environment. Great idea. Thats why he liked Abby?s spontaneous solutions.

“…Hey, Nitin, C’mon, Ambassador Hotel is one of our lucky charms. We have cracked many a great deals there. We need to discuss and arrive at a solution. Nitin nodded his head in the affirmative.

To be continued.. 

Author: Donald Dsilva- Mumbai

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