K’taka BJP urges CM Siddaramaiah to focus on drought relief, not shed ‘crocodile tears’

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K’taka BJP urges CM Siddaramaiah to focus on drought relief, not shed ‘crocodile tears’

Bengaluru: Leader of the Opposition (LoP) R. Ashoka, on Tuesday urged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to stop “shedding crocodile tears” over the detention of some Karnataka farmers en route to Delhi to join farmers’ protest.

“As elections are around the corner, your high drama over farmers and crocodile tears are very well exposed before the people. Stop the drama and focus on providing drought relief to the farmers,” Ashoka stated.

“The people of the state have not forgotten the incident where you ordered a lathi charge against farmers who were staging a protest demanding the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri project,” he added. “Lathi-wielding police were sent to every village to attack farmers during CM Siddaramaiah’s first tenure,” he said.

“People have also not forgotten the incident when Vithal Arabhavi, a farmer, committed suicide, and an ironic remark was issued stating that he died due to consuming liquor,” he said.

“Recently, your minister insulted farmers by stating that farmers are wishing for a drought situation as it would bring compensation and ensure the waiver of loans. People have also not forgotten the insulting remark by DyCM D.K. Shivakumar, who stated that not all who committed suicides can be considered as farmers,” Ashoka explained.

Karnataka’s Chief Minister had demanded the Madhya Pradesh government to immediately release the “arrested” Karnataka farmers who were on their way to Delhi to participate in the farmers’ protest.

“The Madhya Pradesh government should immediately release all the farmers of our state who have been arrested and allow them to participate in the protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on February 13,” the Chief Minister said.

Scores of farmers from Hubballi city of Karnataka were on their way to Delhi when they were stopped in Bhopal by the Madhya Pradesh government.

“By arresting and intimidating them, the farmers’ struggle cannot be suppressed. This repression can lead more farmers to take to the streets. If the Central government truly cares about peace and order, it should immediately meet the demands of the farmers and resolve their issues. They must resolve their problems rather than repressing and brutalizing them,” the Chief Minister stated.

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