Kudla Model Pooja Shetty makes her Debut in ‘Dombarata’

Kudla Model Pooja Shetty makes her Debut in ‘Dombarata’

Kudla Model and Software Engineer Pooja Shetty makes her debut in Tulu Film “Dombarata”, to hit 100 silver screens across the State, including Kudla (Prabhath Talkies) tomorrow- 15 September 2016.


Mangaluru: Everyone knows that modeling can often be a short-lived career, unless you’re Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra of course, but many top models have traded in cat-walking for line memorizing—adding acting to the top of their resume. Whether you agree with the type of movies it churns out or not, you must agree that Indian Cinema is quite the churner of talent. It might not always be kind to an outsider, agreed, but it is also known to have nurtured talented people. Which is also a reason why people have traded their professional occupations for a stint – sometime brief – in Indian Cinema World, like Bollywood, Sandalwood, Coastalwood etc.

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One such industry to have lend some of the most popular actors to the Indian screen is the modelling industry. Other than Bollywood, there have been an exodus of models to Sandalwood and lately, also Coastalwood, in an attempt to reach stardom. But only a few have made it big, fewer to stardom. So, naturally now we have quite a handful of actors and actresses with a past career in modelling. Yes, It takes a lot to walk the ramp with sheer confidence and panache. Maintaining a attractive body that an entire nation can crave for is not a matter of joke. I feel terrible when people criticize saying that being a model, she sure can’t act! But who said a size zero figure is all that a model can flaunt. I would rather tell such people that she sure can do all – look great, maintain a attractive and fit body and act brilliantly as well- she can do it the right way acting brilliantly in a movie.

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And for that matter, we have our very own Kudla lass Pooja Shetty, a software Engineer and a model, who has now into stardom with her debut acting in tulu film “Dombarata”, which will hit the silver screen at 100 different centres in the Karnataka, including Mangaluru at Prabhat Talkies, KS Rao Road, Mangaluru. Not just Pooja, there has been quite a number of model-turned-actresses in the Bollywood, Sandalwood, and even Coastalwood who have proved this theory time and again. I seriously take a bow to these ladies who can play so many roles successfully. They’ve proved it to the world that models are much more than just their near-perfect bodies. To Pooja Shetty, I say “You can do it big in movies since you have talents, determination, dedication and confidence. Keep up the good work that you are entrusted with, and success will always come your way. Best of luck in your movie career”.

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With those beautiful eyes, flawless skin, graceful personality, charming look, and that stunning beauty do lot more than just making Pooja Shetty look good. This lady seems like one of the most beautiful models Kudla has produced and one of the budding actresses in Coastalwood. Critics reveal that “Her super sensuous looks and body is perfectly complimented by her natural acting skills. Trust her to woo you each time whether she walks the ramp or acts in the movie “. Pooja Shetty, Kudla’s very own sultry beauty, is one of those rare model-turned actresses who is surely bound to earn critical acclaim of the audiences. She sure knows how to bring elegance to her looks. But what she does even better is bring in poised to her role in ‘Dombarata”.

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Daughter of Suresh Shetty, a cable operator and Vijaya Shetty Pooja, a housewife, Pooja hailing from Alake in the City, did her schooling at BEM High School, Car-Street, Mangaluru, PUC at Canara College, Mangaluru, and then pursued her engineering career at Canara Engineering College, Mangaluru. She has twin younger brothers, Gaurav and Gautham, both doing their PUC at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru. Currently Pooja is employed in an IT firm in Bengaluru as a software engineer. Pooja had passion towards modelling since her childhood, and her passion turned into an reality and her dreams became true when she got quite a few offers to model for renowned corporate companies.


Pooja has modeled for various brands like Titan watches, Soch etc. She won the ‘Miss Photogenic 2013’ title in Mr. and Miss Mangalore competition organized by World Tuluvas Network. But the major breakthrough came her way when she bagged an opportunity to participate in reality show ‘Pyate Hudgir Halli Lifu’ –season 3, aired on Suvarna TV channel- this reality show made Pooja Shetty popular and a household name. Entering into stardom, with her debut acting in Tulu film “Dombarata” which will be released on 15 September 2016, she has now jumped from Coastalwood into Sandalwood, by starting to work in a Kannada movie “Chase”, a suspense thriller with shooting already in the process.

Pooja Shetty seen with her parents and brothers

Following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with Pooja Shetty :


Q: Since you have been into modelling, What made you to step into acting in movies?

Modelling was my stepping stone through which I could show my skills n perform in front of the camera.

Q: Was it your childhood dream to become an actress? Was it your own decision or some motivated/influenced you to get into movies?

Acting was my passion since childhood .. Used to imitate actors n do mirror acts closing my room door. Love towards acting bought me til modelling n then continue to become an actress

Q: Who has been your biggest strength in your life? What are your limitation as actress?

My dad is my strength. I want to take up challenging roles.. Doing what is contrast to ur character is more challenging for me.

Q: You being slim, I have heard that South Film Directors want their actresses to be plump but Bollywood is all about being size zero, what’s your take on that?

I believe it’s not about figure but its about acting.. But yes being fit is important.

Q: Since “Dombarata” is your debut film, What have you learned from entering into stardom?

Patience and accepting anything which is either positive or negative.

Q: What is your role in this movie, narrate in brief?

Me as ‘Soumya’ in Dombarata is a very arrogant, too fast in whatever she does, never listens to anybody kinda character

Q: What do you like in your personal life?

My family which is dead supportive

Q: Are you considering eyeing more into Bollywood or Sandalwood?

Nothing as in particular , but anything which recognizes me and my performance which takes me to award winning level

Q: What does stardom means to you?

Stardom is about being a successful entertainer

Q: Do you think glamour plays an important role in success of films?

It does, because being fit n being glamorous is one of d factors which a normal person sees in a celebrity

Q: Do you have any other offer lined up to act in a movie?

Yes, at the moment I am working on a Kannada film ‘Chase’, which is a suspense thriller directed by Hari Anand nad produced under the banner of Simply Fun Media. Famous Tulu drama and film actor Arvind Bolar will make his Kannada film debut in Chase

Q: How are you planning to take your career ahead in stardom?

Planning on taking up projects wisely n not doing anything on random

Q: How fashion conscious are you ?

Way too conscious on being fashionable but at the same time I am very sportive as well

Q: What is your motto in life?

To make my parents proud, successful person and as a role model to those who admires an actress. My ultimate goal is to make Kudla proud. I want to achieve what Deepika Padukone and Anushka Shetty have achieved in film industry.

Q: Apart from being actresses, are you both considering any other work to keep you busy?

My first love will always be modelling, simultaneously will only sign movies with good contents and scope for acting. As for my professional life is concerned I am happy with my IT job and I have no idea of quitting it for the sake of acting. I will remain as a software engineer and as a model as well.. So other than acting I am working on these areas too

Q: Finally, what is your message to ‘Mangalorean.com’ readers, and youngsters, in particular?

You can’t always win in life.. Things might not come in your way.. To win some you will have to lose some. Believe in yourself first, Be patient and confident on whatever you do. Success will always be yours.

Team Mangalorean wishes Pooja Shetty all success in her movie and modelling career-Success galore!

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Mangalore is famous for producing such beautiful personalities. Thank you, Alfie, for publishing a nice interview with upcoming actress Pooja Shetty. All the best to you Pooja.