Kuwait: 12th Inter School Basketball Championship Results

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Kuwait: Match played on 16th and 17th Jan 2015 with schools  participating in this category included (1) Indian English Academy School, (2) Carmel School Kuwait (3) United Indian School (4) Fahaheel Al Wataniya School (5) Indian Educational School and (6) Indian Community school Kuwait.

For coaches of the various schools, the biggest worry getting enough time to coach and get their teams ready for any tournament. In Kuwait it’s not like back home in India, where schools have the facilities or the venue is easily and cost effective to hire, for coaching kids in various events. Secondly here sports are not even given a secondary thought. There are so many obstacles faced, yet somehow the Physical Education Teachers manage to bring the best in a child. Parents who came to watch or cheer would agree with me, watching the young children playing with lot of enthusiasm, but lacking of practice. I know some will disagree with me, but this my personal opinion.

Match 1 – IEAS v/s CSK, ball control and attacking the opponents, was the strength of IEAS. CSK girls put up a tough fight not giving up easily and loosing by only 4 points. Results 14/10.


Match 2 – UIS v/s DPS, DPS like their under 12 boys team is being developed with lot of new faces and the organizers are confident that next year we will see a much different team. UIS beat DPS 20/02.

Match 3 – IES v/s ICSK, another interesting match played by two equal sides. Most of the time going neck to neck on the score, it was in the second half last 3 minutes that CSK took the lead and held on to it until the final whistle the score 20/16.

Match 4 – DPS v/s IEAS, was a one sided affair, and IEAS playing a slower space beat DPS 17/00

Match 5 – UIS v/s CSK, was a close encounter and surprising the score did not exceed above 10 points. Both schools in their opening matches showed the capabilities and skills. UIS beat CSK 09 / 05.

IEAS will play UIS in the finals, while DPS and CSK will look for the 3rd and 4th place.
Mach 6 – 3rd and 4th Place.

DPS v/s CSK, if you were present and watched the matches played the results for the last two matches that is Match 6 and 7 would leave everyone thinking. DPS who lost with poor margin in the league stages nearly beat CSK to secure the 3rd place. Brave fight put up by DPS girls, lost to CSK, final score 19/13.

Match 7 – Finals
UIS v/s IEAS, at first it looked as a one sided game, IEAS leading 13 / 05 The tables turned in the second half where UIS caught the IEAS team relaxed and not converting easy baskets. UIS fought fell and managed to equalize 24 / 24. With both teams on 5 team fouls in the dying minutes of the game IEAS managed to sneak 3 points with one basket and converting one of the two free throws. Well played to both teams showed character and discipline. Final score 29 / 26.



Schools participating in this category

(1) Indian English Academy School, (2) Carmel’s School Kuwait (3) United Indian School (4) Fahaheel Al Wataniya School (5) Indian Educational School (6) Indian Community school Kuwait (7) Integrated Indian School – Mangaf (8) Indian Central School.

It has been a day of close decider matches, and I am sure parents and supporters present would agree with me that most of us were at the edge of our seats until the last second on the clock.

Match 1- ICSK v/s IEAS, it looked like a one sided match in favor of ICSK. However it changed in the last minute in the first half, when IEAS lads fought back and reduced the lead to two points at the hooter of the first half. This was because ICSK jersey number 5 who was the player and main scorer, was on four personal fouls, and the ICSK coach could not take the chance of him not playing in the second half. A right move which paid off in the last minute in the second half, when he single handed took the game away from IEAS beating them 19/ 13.


Match 2 -UIS –(A) v/s ICS , was one of those close finishing match. Most of such matches it’s how the coach and players plan a strategy and the experience comes in i.e. if the lead is just one point and you have the ball in your hands. It’s all drops down to the last second on the clock and the player with the ball who must 100% be accurate with his shot or layup, where the ball goes into the basket and the final hotter goes off the same time.  UIS (A) beating ICS 25/24.

Match 3 –IIS-M v/s CSK , the young lads of IIS-M played at a fast space good collection had an upper hand on CSK. IIS- M won 31/17

Match 4 – UIS (B) v/s DPS, DPS is in the process of developing its basketball team the junior level. And next year we are bound to see a different performance. UIS (B) beat DBP 38/10.

Match 5 – IEAS v/s IES, the result of this match was decided in overtime. With IES leading until the last second of the normal time 16/12, when IEAS hit back two quick baskets to equalize the score and could have won if the last try was scored. In the extra time IES beat IEAS 23/20.

Match 6 – UIS (A) v/s ICSK, ICSK did not play the match they played with IEAS and managed to score only 8 points. UIS (A) beat ICSK 33/08

Match 7 –IIS –M v/s  UIS (B), another close encounter match IIS-M gave UIS (B) a tough fight. As mentioned earlier it’s a battle of nerve and experience that comes to place. UIS beat IIS – M 28/26 just by one basket, which I personally feel that IIS-M should have won the match if players converted their shots and free throw.

Girls’ UNDER 14 & 16 RESULTS

Schools participating in this category

(1) Indian English Academy School, (2) Carmel’s School Kuwait (3) United Indian School (4) Fahaheel Al Wataniya School (5) Indian Educational School (6) Indian Community school Kuwait.

Match 1 – Under 14 –  ICSK v/s IEAS, A match that IEAS should have won easily with the talent skills in the team, failed their coach in all areas of the match. ICSK beat IEAS 11/06

Match 2 – Under 14 – ICS v/s CSK, talented but need to more skills in the ICS team, by next tournament they will be a strong team as a lot of individual skilled players. CSK beat ICS 13/06.

Match 3 – UIS v/s DPS – Under 16 – UIS beat DPS 25/07

Match 4 – Under 14 – UIS v/s ICSK, a close finish match ICSK beating UIS 19/17 in the dying minute of the game.

Match 5 – Under 14 – IEAS  v/s ICS, Have the IEAS girls finally got the rhythm that they missed in the opening match of the day? And if it then the prize they paid would be a costly affair on the standings IEAS won 27/09.

Match 6 – Under 16 – IEAS v/s DPS, IEAS defending their title began on a positive note defeating DPS 18/03.

Match 7 – Under 14 – UIS v/s ICS, UIS losing to ICSK came back with a much better side in their second match and beating ICS 29/02

Match 7 – Under 14 – IEAS v/s CSK, IEAS defeated CSK 17 /09 with two games on hand to decide their fate in the overall standing.

Match 8 – Under 16 – UIS v/s IEAS, both last year finalist a match that was swinging both ways. But this year the UIS star Anu came with a vengeance and there was nothing stopping her to achieve her goal. She single handedly won UIS their first winner’s trophy in the girls under 16 category beating IEAS 34/23.

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