Maintenance of Street Lights Dominates CMC Meeting

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Maintenance of Street Lights Dominates CMC Meeting

Udupi: “The issues with maintenance and repair works of streetlights are causing troubles to the people. Complaints on street lights have to be filed in Bengaluru, and if this goes on, we will have to also shift the CMC to Bengaluru in the near future,” said Ambalpady Ward councillor Vasanthi Shetty. She was raising her grievance during a meeting organized at the Sathyamurthy Auditorium here, on June 30.

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“If officials are alerted on the issues related to repair works of streetlights and clearing of trees fallen due to heavy winds, they fail to respond quickly and rather keep delaying it. Only when the president is alerted do the officials jump into action. The officials should respond to the issues highlighted by the members rather than delaying it till the president’s orders. The company, which is resposible for the maintenance of streetlights, is not familiar with the wards and this is causing delays in addressing the problems,” added Vasanthi.

Dr M R Pai said that streetlight issues in every CMC ward highlights the negligence of officials in handling the issues. The complaints have to filed in Bengaluru which is delaying the rate at which complaints are addressed.

Dinaker Shetty Herga suggested the formation of a quick response team (QRT) for the repair and maintenance of streetlights apart from the company which is responsible to repair and maintain it. The QRT can act upon in emergency, he added.

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Amrutha Krishnamurthy said that construction work on the National Highway has damaged the drainage system and that CMC should effectively communicate this issue with NH officials.

“Artificial floods have claimed one life and this will continue if the CMC doesn’t initiate necessary steps,” said Shyamprasad Kudva. He also said that the CMC officials have failed in initiating dredging work and urged them to initiate steps to control artificial flood by clearing the waste collected in the drainage system.

CMC former president Yuvraj Puttur said that 59 people who had lost their houses during NH construction have been allotted sites and that land has been transferred to CMC to construct a new CMC building near the old taluk office. The land for weekly market in Santhekatte has been reserved near Goretti Hospital, he added.

CMC President Meenakshi Madhav Bannaje, CMC Vice President Sandhya, CMC Commissioner Manjunathayya and others were present.

Prior to the meeting, students from the Muslim community conveyed their wishes to CMC President.

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