Mangaluru: Holy Week Culminates Christian Fraternity Celebrates Easter

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Mangaluru: After 40 days of the Lenten Season, including the Holy Week encompassing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the Christians fraternity celebrated Easter with joy and fervor. As the Easter Sunday falls on April 5, this year the celebrations in the city commenced with Holy masses in various parishes on Saturday, April 4.

Christians celebrate the resurrection of Lord Jesus. Before the festive mass at 7.00 p.m, all the lights were switched off at the Infant Jesus Shrine. The Superior of Infant Jesus Shrine Fr Joe Tauro lighted the Easter Candle from the “New Fire” and carried it to the Altar in a procession. As the candle was taken down the aisle, parishioners lit the candles from the flame, illuminating the area in candlelight.






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Fr Joe Tauro along with Fr Barnabas Monis, Fr Elias D’Souza and Fr Gregory D’Souza celebrated the festive mass. Fr Gregory D’Souza in his homily said that there is no bigger feast than Easter for Christians. “This is a big feast because without Jesus’ resurrection, we would not have been saved from sin. Jesus rose on the 3rd day and many witnessed it. We were reintegrated with God due to Jesus’ resurrection.”

He further said that there are three types of sin, against Faith, murder and neighbour. He also said, “We should reflect on how strong our faith is. There are many families who have left the faith and joined New Life, Jehovah’s witness. We need to be enlightened in our faith. Whether I’m alive or dead, I live for the Lord.”

“We do not kill, but we murder others by our thoughts. We become jealous of others and don’t let them prosper, then it is also a murder. Many say that Mangaloreans are very jealous people. We should not only think about ourselves. We should not be greedy and should try to do good for others. We should try to make the life of others, not break it.”

Water was blessed and the Holy water was then sprinkled on all present. The Risen Lords portrait was also blessed after the mass.


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