Mangaluru: BJP Government Promised to Bring Back Black Money and Fooled People – MLC Ivan

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Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza held a press meet at his office, MCC Lalbagh here on April 4.

Addressing the mediapersons, Ivan said that he has helped to provide Rs 13.05 lakh as medical assistance to 21 persons from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. He has also discussed about providing canteen facilities and medical assistance to retired police personnel during the session. Aadhar cards will not be made mandatory in schools while obtaining hall tickets.

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Ivan further said that the BJP government, before coming to power, promised to bring back the black money from the Swiss banks within 6 months, but it is almost 10 months now and the BJP has been unable to fulfill the promise made to the people. “The farmers have even been cheated by the BJP government through the land ordinance bill. The BJP government is not in favour of the farmers, whereas it is encouraging the corporate world to acquire land from the farmers without their consent. In this regard on April 18, the KPCC will hold a padayatra to bring awareness among the people of the rural area.”

He also said that cashew cultivation should be given importance. “So far, cashew cultivation has not been given any importance, which has lead to cashew being imported. There are ample opportunities to promote cashew cultivation. The main objective is to encourage development of cashew plantation and strengthen the economy of the state by commercially exploiting the cashew crop in the state.” He also said that private participation for cashew cultivation is very much important.
Deputy Mayor Purushotham, Shashidhar Hegde and others were also present.

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  1. Mr. Amith Shaw, the sole authority of the BJP party now, while standing in front of his huge poster at the Delhi election delivered the sermon of paradise, the black money statement that every Indian citizen of India will get Rs. 15 lakh was a “metaphorical” statement.

    Let the electorate of India may walk to the local bank expecting a miracle that they have Rs. 15 lakh in their checking deposit, so write a check believing the miracle in the political promise of Mr. Modi; thus this confusing problem can be solved.

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