Mangaluru: Call Toll Free 1077 or SMS to 9481802019 if Auto-Drivers and Bus Conductors Charge Extra Fare

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Mangaluru: It has come to the notice of the district transport authorities and also the DC that in spite of repeated warning from them that the auto-rickshaw drivers and bus conductors are charging extra fares than the fixed rates. Bus conductors who are suppose to use the ticketing devices are still issuing tickets manually and charging extra.


Numerous complaints have been filed with the traffic authorities personally by commuters against auto-rickshaw drivers still charging Rs 25 instead of Rs 20 as fixed by the RTA and DC. There are also complaints about “Auto Rajas” being rude and getting into arguments when the passengers are reluctant to pay extra fare. In order to ease all these hassles and confrontation with the auto-drivers or the bus conductors, the district authorities have urged the commuters to call/SMS the said numbers below, and that they will handle take suitable actions.

Commuters are requested to call toll free number 1077 or SMS to 9481802019 to file complaints against auto-rickshaw drivers and bus conductors if they charge excess fares other than that fixed by RTA and DC on 12 January 2015. All calls will be kept confidential. Complaints can also be filed if the auto-rajas act smart and refuse to take people to certain destinations and also if they harass or misbehave.

For the information of the citizens, you are advised to pay only Rs 20 per 1.5 km as minimum fare as fixed by RTA and not Rs 25 as demanded by the auto-rajas- and after the minimum fare of Rs 20, for every 1 km you need to pay only Rs 13. Any excess fare charged than these figures, you are free to call and complaint.

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