Mangaluru: Children are Fragile Handle them with Care – Fr Gomes During PTA meet

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Mangaluru: Milagres High School Parent – teacher meet was held at the school campus here, on January 24.

The programme began with an invocation. President of Milagres High school PTA Cyril Rosario welcomed the gathering. Various games were conducted by the parents on the occasion.




















Ullal Sub inspector Bharati was the chief guest of the programme. Addressing the parents Bharati said, “When I was going to school, we did not have many facilities. There was no television, no mobile phones or any other modern gadget to communicate easily with others or know more about the world. We used to go to our neighbour’s house to watch TV, that too only if they were in the mood to watch TV and only when they would allow us to watch. But now if you do not show the mobile to the new born baby, it won’t stop crying. Two year old infants are able to download new apps.”

She further said that children have grasping power. “Sometimes if the parents do not monitor their children, they may choose the wrong path which will lead them towards danger. Children are the gardens of every parent and we need the garden to be beautiful. Every parent struggles hard to give quality education to their children but if the same child will not learn discipline in life, the future of the child is in danger.”

She also said that sometimes relatives are the ones who misguide our children, there is no value for relationship. Nowadays everything is materialistic. She also advised the parents to correct the child when he/she make mistakes. “Children have curiosity and they attempt to do everything practically. Adolescence period of children is challenging for parents as well as the teachers. During that period, parents and teachers should be very careful about the children, and should watch and guide them from time to time. “

She also advised the parents to not compare their children with other children and not be biased to them in anyway. “Parents should treat their children equally whether they are good in studies or not, there should not be discrimination between children.”

In his presidential speech, Administrator Fr F X Gomes said that children are like glasses and parents should handle them with care “or else the glass will slip from your hands and break.” He also congratulated the PTA committee for organizing a unique event which is the first of its kind in the history of Milagres institution.

Milagres High School PTA member Dr Savita compered the programme. Secretary of Milagres High School PTA Shobha Kamath delivered the vote of thanks.

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