Mangaluru: Complete Gujjarakere Lake Development Work before Marigudi Festival – MLA J R Lobo

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Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo visited the Gujjarakere Lake to inspect the development work here, on May 30.

The inauguration of the Gujjarakere Pond development work at Jeppu was held on February 23, 2015 but the pace at which the work is being done is not satisfactory. Gujjarakere pond will be developed under the Minor Irrigation development project and the department has sanctioned Rs 1 crore for the same.

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The Mangaluru City Corporation had initiated the development work along with the Minor Irrigation Department. After visiting the spot, MLA Lobo took the concerned authorities to task. He also said, “This is the only lake for Mangaluru and we have to keep this lake very clean and neat. This is a very important lake for Marigudi and Mangaladevi temple because during the immersion of the Goddess, there should not be any problems. So the work should be complete before the immersion of the Goddess.” “If you have any faith in God, you are responsible to finish the work of Gujjarakere lake in time,” he said to the concerned authorities.

He further said that the Minor Irrigation Department along with the Mangaluru City Corporation is striving hard to renovate the Gujjarakere Lake. “The last time I visited this lake, the Chief Executive Engineer from Bengaluru and Superintendent Engineer from Mysuru also arrived and inspected the lake. They have given the permission to put up three dredgers for dredging purpose, but the contractors are using only one. By 20 June, they [the contractors] have agreed to put up three dredgers.”

“Regarding the waste which falls into the lake, I have informed the UGD department to keep the surroundings clean. Not even a single UGD (Underground Drainage) should come here because this lake is related to Marigudi and Mangaladevi Temple. This is the only lake and if we clean this lake before the festival, it will be a gift for all Mangaloreans. I have full hopes on the contractors. They have understood the importance of the lake and they will surely clean the lake before the festival. This time the immersion will be done in clean water. Once we complete the work, we will hand over the lake to Marigudi temple for maintenance. We will involve the temple authorities to look after the maintenance work. We will also beautify the lake by making a walking track under the Mangaluru City Corporation.”

Corporator of the ward Ratikala and others were also present.

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