Mangaluru: First Super Star of Tulu Film Industry K N Tailor Cremated

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Mangaluru:  First Super Star of Tulu film Industry, K N Tailor was cremated at Nandigudda Crematorium here, on March 19.

Speaking to, Tulu actor Sarojini Shetty said, “K N Tailor was my mentor. He was an extraordinary person. His contribution to the Tulu film industry is beyond measure. Tulu films were started by K N Tailor and he had worked hard to retain the Tulu film industry. In the beginning, the Tulu film industry was facing huge losses, but with K N Tailor’s efforts and dedication Tulu films made a mark in the district. Now, the Tulu film industry has been commercialized. I have acted with him in “Kandani Bodedhi” Tulu film. With his blessings, I have grown in the Tulu film Industry. Today, we have lost a strong pillar of the Tulu film industry. For K N Tailor, there is no other substitute, no one can fill his place. May his soul rest in peace.”

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Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim speaking to said that three months ago he had shared a dais with K N Tailor. “He is a legend in the Tulu film industry. He was felicitated during the Tulu cinemotsava. We have lost a great soul and it is a loss for the Tulu film industry.”

Former Konkani Sahitya Academy president Kasargod Chinna said, “Today, we have lost a huge peepal tree in the Tulu film industry. K N Tailor showed nothing is impossible. He showed the way to release Tulu films and also the way forward for the Tulu film industry. He was a guide to all the Tulu artistes. He had a specially abled daughter whom he loved very much and took good care of. Never did he ask for financial aid even during the most difficult times. Even though he was a legend, the Tulu film industry failed to recognize him. K N Tailor is no more with us but his writings, Tulu books and films should be retained. Being the first superstar of Tulu film industry, K N Tailor’s photograph is no where in the Tulu Academy which is a big tragedy. Recently, the government has come forward to help him by paying his medical bill but it is too late to recognize a super star who dedicated his life for Tulu and the Tulu film industry.” Chinna urged the concerned authorities to promote his books, films and keep him alive through his literature.


Founder President of Tulu Academy Vivek Rai speaking to said, “K N Tailor has introduced the Tulu film industry. He was a good director, actor and producer. He was the member of the academy for sometime and when I was the president, the academy had honoured him for his contribution to the Tulu film industry. He went to Madras and trained in the film industry. Many say that K N Tailor does not know about films but he was an experienced director and producer in the Tulu film industry. He was a legend and there is no substitute for him. No one can take his place in the Tulu Film industry.”

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