Mangaluru: I Am Not a Hindutva Extremist, I Believe in Hinduism – Shri Rajashekharananda Swamiji

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Mangaluru: Shri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math in Gurupur held a press meet at the VHP office here, on February 4.

Addressing the mediapersons, Rajashekharananda Swamiji said that the objective of the Hindu Samajotsava was to unite the Hindu community in various parts of Karnataka but “the shameless government” is interfering in the affairs of the Hindu community.








He further said, “To mark the golden jubilee of Vishwa Hindu Parishat, we have organized ‘Hindu Viraat Samavesha’ on February 8 at the National Parade Maidan in Bengaluru. Dr Praveen Togadia, being a cancer surgeon, is the right person to deliver a speech and eradicate cancer from the society. But the state government has prohibited Dr Togadia from entering the city from February 5 to 10.”

“In 2003, we had organized Hindu Samajotsava and no untoward incident had taken place. Our intention is not to create any problems in the society but to unite the Hindu community through the Samajotsava. The state government should lift the ban and allow Dr Togadia to attend the Samajotsava. If the government will not lift the ban, the Hindu community will get down to the streets and protest against the anti-Hindu state government.”

When asked how a temple priest like him could act like a Hindutva extremist, Rajashekharananda said that there is no word called Hindutva extremist. “I am a firm believer of Hindutva; my words maybe bitter for some, but I not an extremist.”

He also said that the state government is allowing Owaisi to come to the state and participate in the programme but the same government is not allowing a Cancer expert Dr Togadia to come to Bengaluru to attend the Samajotsava.

Rajashekharananda said that the state government should support the Hindu convention and allow Togadia to deliver the keynote address in Bengaluru.

State convenor of Bajrang Dal Sharan Pumpwell, District president of VHP Jagadish Shenava and Bhujang Kulal were also present.

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