Mangaluru: Indira Gandhi Assassinated Because of Swamijis Curse – Niketh Raj

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Mangaluru: Hindu Yuva Sene staged a protest against the state government for its anti Hindu policy, in front of the DC office here on December 29.

Addressing the protesters State President of Yuva Bharat Nikethraj said that after the Congress party came to power, the government has brought the anti Hindu policy. Some Hindu politicians are acting like they are not Hindus. For pleasing the 10% minority for vote bank, the congress government is going against the majority community which the Hindu Yuva Sene condemns. For 10% votes the Congress government is playing with the sentiments of the 90% of the country.























He further said that whenever injustice was done to the Hindu community, theYuva Sene has stood with the victims and fought for justice. He also said that the Hindu community is respecting the cow as Gomatha. The state government has withdrawn the controversial Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010 and Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Preservation (Amendment) Bill 2012. The cows are now being taken to the slaughter houses. Whoever kills cows will not be prosper. They have forgotten that once the cow and calf were the symbol of the Congress party which was later changed. The congress has forgotten its history which we have to remind them.

In India for Christians, Muslims and Hindus the law is different. It is one country with three different laws. Recalling the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Niketh Raj said that before the elections, she had begged the Swamiji for the blessings of the Hindu community to elect her, while blessing her, the Swamiji had requested her to bring the cow protection bill into force. Indira Gandhi won the elections but failed to fulfill the promise. Swamiji again wrote a letter to Indra Gandhi requesting her to fulfill her promise and implement the Cow protection bill, but she did not responded. Swaimiji then decided to stage a protest in front of the Parliament. He took all the cows from the Math, seeing the cows along with the Swamijis, Indira Gandhi ordered to shoot the protesters. There and then the Swamijis cursed Indira Gandhi and she was assassinated.

He also recalled the recent incident of Ulaibettu and said that while protesting, the police resorted to Lathi charge and the youth fled from the scene. He said, “Do not be afraid of the police because they too are human beings. We have to show that we are not afraid of Lathis.  The opposition leaders are afraid of the Saffron shawl. If the government will not stop its anti Hindu activities, we will intensify our protest in the coming days”, he said.

Swamiji of Shri Kshetra Vajradehi Math Shri Shri Rajashekarananda speaking on the occasion said that we need to shout slogans against the state government for its anti Hindu policies. The Congress government is targeting Hindus thinking that we did not elect them. They think that today if they are in power it is because of the minority vote bank. But the congress government should think that 90% of the population are Hindus and if they are in power it is because of the Hindu community, who have elected them as their representatives. If Siddaramaiah has become the chief minister it is because of the blessings of the Swamijis.

He also said that to please the minority, the state government has brought various schemes, such as anna Bhagya, shadi bhagya etc and deprived the Hindus of such schemes which is a curse to the Congress government which will be destroyed soon.

President Hindu Yuva Sene Yashodhara Chowta, Honorary presidents of HYSBhaskerchandra Shetty, Padmanabh Navoor, Sashikanth Nagvekar, district president HYS Virappa Moodshedde and others were also present.

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