Mangaluru: Our Report Brought Results-MCC finally Wakes up to Clean its Mess

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Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: Following the report titled “If Govt/Civic Officials Themselves Can’t Follow ‘Swachh Bharath Abhiyan’, Who else Will?” dated 27 February 2015 published in our website, the District Administration and Mangaluru City Corporation has cleaned up the mess left behind for weeks at the Karavali Utsav ground, following the conclusion of Karavali Utsav 2015 there.

The article highlighted that : the Karavali Utsav 2015 organized the State, District and City which ended couple weeks ago, near the Mangala Stadium, everything has been taken except the front entrance portion of the Utsav had been left behind, along with tons of garbage scattered all over the area. But it has been weeks since no one from the government, district or MCC administration had bothered to clean up the mess seen all over the area. Are our leaders and district authorities so ignorant or what? This message had somehow reached the concerned authorities, who within the next two of this published article had taken the initiative of cleaning the entire area.

After the story was published the main people behind this Utsav namely the State Forest minister Ramanath Rai, DC A B Ibrahim, MCC Mayor Mahabala Marla and many other govt/civic authorities probably became aware about this dirty garbage that was left behind at the Utsav location? .It’s not just the fault of Mangaloreans/others alone or the fault of the administration alone. It’s the combined error the entire country is making. But the govt/civic authorities simply can’t ignore such kind of “dirty and messy” issues? Now that they have solved the issue by cleaning up the garbage, it is a good sign that they bare caring to keep the city clean. Now we are talking about, ” Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru!”
Following are the photos before the clean-Up :






Following are the photos after the Clean-Up :






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