Mangaluru: Reliance Company Damages Water Pipe near St Teresa School – Lobo orders to Suspend License

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Mangaluru: A high pressure water pipe has been damaged near St Theresa’s School, Bendur Cross here, on May 30.

According to sources, the Reliance company was laying a trench less cable on the night of May 29 near St Theresa’s School, without following the proper procedure for such work. During the process, a high pressure water supply pipe was damaged resulting in heavy leakage of water.

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As soon as MLA J R Lobo received the news, he visited the spot for inspection and immediately called the Assistant Commissioner of MCC to take action against the company for their negligence.

Speaking to mediapersons, Lobo said, “When I visited the spot at Bendur, the locals said that around 8 pm on May 29, people working for Reliance Company arrived to lay down a trench less cable. In the process, the main water pipe was damaged. The sad part of this incident is that after damaging the pipe, the workers did not even inform the concerned authorities about it and simply left the place leaving the water to flow until the morning of May 30.” He further said that he was afraid about the risk this incident posed on the concrete road as the roads are made using mass concreting without the use of steel rods. “I have informed the Commissioner to suspend all permissions or licenses given to Reliance Company until they repair the damaged pipe and the road which has been damaged due to the force of the flowing water and assure us of not repeating the same mistake.”

“I came to know of this incident when I received a call in the morning and visited the spot immediately.” The incident was reported to the authorities and the water supply was stopped. After 45 minutes of closing the valve, the water stopped flowing. The night watchmen of the school also did not inform anyone about this,” said a local.

There are a lot of such incidents taking place in and around Mangaluru. Telephone companies or road repair workers dig the ground and damage water pipes. One such incident was when the pipe on ESI Road was damaged in December last year during the drainage work, causing the water to leak continuously. published an article in this regard and informed the concerned authorities to stop the water which had been flowing from a couple of months. Finally, after continues follow-up the leakage was stopped.

There is water scarcity in the city but telephone companies or the road repair contractors do not understand this and display a ‘I don’t care attitude’. MCC should penalise such contractors and even blacklist them to avoid such incidents.

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  1. What Reliance is sheer negligence, but does Mr. J. R. Lobo have the authority to suspend their licence or is it just a publicity gimmick?

  2. All Citizens of Mangalore as well as Karnataka even, please note that any problem regarding Public will not be solved without rubbing hands of Public Servants. Telling Corporators is like riding on the Donkey,whether it will reach the destination or it will come back to where it started.
    Sometime back while digging for Cable laying near Kadri Pumpwell, near Mangalorean.Com writer Mr. Alfie’s house,(opp. Inland Monarch)diggers hit the Water Line. They simply wrapped it with cloth and left. I have confronted them regarding this but they did not care. I have informed Don’t Care Lady Engineer, Executive Engineer who is retired recently,Mayor Rajni’s office, and Water Dept. Engineer. Duplicated the calls again and again without result. Finally the ground started saturating,and flowing under the house of Mr. C.Nazareth and exited from Kadri Road to Kambla Road,Near Soans Workshop. Even the local Corporator did not care even after MCC informed Him.
    Just imagine the Volume of Treated Drinking Water was washed down the ground. Corporators and other elected officials are for Ribbon Cutting,Hand Rubbing and Photo on Banners Publicity(may be a free apartment and or a new Santo car.). Who cares attitude of MCC officials is cause of Concern. Only Hope is Mr JR Lobo and Present City Commissioner with their tough stand.

  3. Agree with most of what Mr.Joe said above. However, I am quite honestly disappointed with Mr.Lobo. I remember all the hype around Mr.Lobo when he won the election a few years ago. However, sadly, he has failed deliver on promises. Agreed – We don’t expect Mangalore to turn into Singapore. How about simple things like cleaner city, better garbage collection and tough stand on lazy corporators ? Or, Is it too much to ask for ? I was really truly disappointed by what I saw in city only 2 months ago!!

    • I’m quite honestly disappointed with Mr. Lobo. I remember the hype….- Phoreen Rampu Pai

      Arre Joker PaimamaNNA,

      Monogram Modi has said that Indians are falling over backwards to come back to India because it is ACCHE DIN (AD) (as compared to BC – BEFORE CHAIWALLAH (AD and BC are quotes taken from Times of INDIA).

      So come to India. Work your magic. Stop cribbing from your Apple farm on top of Mt. Miami. (;)

    • I was truly disappointed by what I saw in city only 2 months ago. – Rampu

      THIS is exactly what happens when you visit Bharat Mata once in a decade – and that too WHEN your employer allows you to. Come more often ya Rampa.

    • Oh Mr. Pai, MLA Lobo alone cannot make Mangalore a cleaner city. We need to keep cows, dogs and other animals off the street. Defecating in public must be made a punishable offence. Modi should provide places to plug-in for those who cannot control their bowel movement. Cleaner city starts from you, me and then MLAs with self discipline. The Chaddiwalas should keep cows away from city and collect “Gomoothra” for curing the cancer. Export all the stray dogs to Philippines. Then again, you may not like this because of your ardent love for “Mookapranis” If we do not do anything positive to keep the city clean, apart from blaming the MLA Lobo, we will remain as Mookapranis too. Come on and give your 10 points program to keep the city clean.

      • Lawrence,
        See how quickly you are willing to blame Modi and everyone except the MLA who got elected after a big hype? Is it because of your religious affiliation? This is the difference between you and me. Go back and read my comments – I supported Mr.Lobo when he ran for election because I thought that the BJP MLA (Mr.Bhat) and state BJP govt had utterly failed. I was hoping that Mr.Lobo with his clean image would deliver. So far, it has been a disappointment. You asked for 10 points programs – Here is the first point – Let’s stop supporting political parties purely based on our religion. Show some intellectual honesty and think outside of your religious box!! Is it too much for you?

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