Mangaluru: Spectacular Ballet ‘Seva Sangam’ Marks Finale of St Gerosa School Golden Jubilee Celebrations

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Mangaluru: I just came to know that the students of St Gerosa School- Jeppu in the City are simply smart, multi-talented, active, dedicated and determined, than I thought, while witnessing their performances/activities during my presence at the inaugural and blessing ceremony of the school new stadium “Carena” ( a stadium named after Sr Carolina Carena- the then Superior of the Holy Infant Mary’s Convent-Jeppu); and also during the finale of the golden jubilee celebrations of the school. The students were full of enthusiasm and charisma, and unleashed their hidden talents in front of their teachers and parents to the best of their abilities and to the sheer satisfaction of their mentors/elders. I have been to various school/college functions, but I have never witnessed a spectacular, colorful and well-choreographed ballet like “Seva Sangam” (depicting the journey of the Founder of Sisters of Charity-Sr Bartolomea Capitanio all the way from Italy to India/Mangalore) performed by nearly 150 Sisters, teachers, parents, ex-students and present students of St Gerosa School – the ballet was simply phenomenon. Kudos to the people behind this magnificent show!





Life is a journey. The path we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination. Indeed it has indeed been a long and enriching journey of 50 years for the Sisters of Charity who are at the helm of managing St Gerosa school. On 5 January 2015 evening people/well-wishers gathered at the newly inaugurated School stadium “Carena” to celebrate the golden jubilee of this prestigious School – their presence was a source of inspiration and encouragement for the management, staff, teachers and students. On this momentous occasion, it reminded me of what Winston Churchill once said. I quote “You know you will never get to the end of the journey.  But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb”. No doubt that the Sisters of Charity managing St Gerosa School have encountered a glorious journey with a historical perspective.

The institution’s objective is best expressed through their motto-” Love in Service”- Through the past 50 years the Sisters efforts along with the staff and co-workers has been to Educate, Empower and Enlighten. And off course, what would St Gerosa be without its children! – they too have played an important role in bringing name, laurels and glory to their beloved school. Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities has been the hallmark of St Gerosa school..  As some one rightly said ‘the aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values’. My observation during my few hours at the school golden jubilee celebrations, I can say that the Sisters and teachers have no doubt provided a platform to their children to showcase their talents and discover a new facet of their personality.

Such an all-rounded system of education has helped St Gerosa school produce an ever- increasing list of alumni who have made a name for themselves in diverse fields, from politicians (like State minister UT Khader) to doctors, engineers/architects (like city’s renowned architect Ashok Mendonca, who’s also the brain-child behind the school’s new stadium ‘Carena’), athletes (like Rita D’Souza, a National and State Champion) , performing artists and many others. I am sure that with wholehearted support and co-operation from the people to the St Gerosa family in the years to come as they march ahead into a new dawn with renewed vigour and hope I would like to add these words of wisdom” It’s in your hands, You cannot know what will occur, Just make your journey worth the taking, And pray you are wiser than you were In the beginning. It’s the beginning. Begin now “.

When St Gerosa School opened in June 1964 with just a few students, I bet the management had no idea that they were creating history. Now 50 years later, the present management and teachers are celebrating an important milestone in that history. The American poet, Henry David Thoreau had said, “The meeting of two eternities, the past and future….is precisely the present moment.” As the school celebrated the diamond jubilee, the past and future converged in the present in a unique way.

As one of oldest school in the Jeppu area run by the dedicated Sisters of Charity congregation, St Gerosa School has a rich and storied past for all of us to ponder. Invariably, it is time to reflect on the fabric of the present and look how far the school has come today. Moreover, anniversaries provide the perfect opportunity for using the lens of the present to peer into the future and imagine what this School might be for the next generation of students. As the management, staff , teachers, parents, well-wishers and students celebrate the 50th Anniversary with much energy and enthusiasm, no doubt if  all those folks who were backbone of this school were alive today, they would be very proud, and perhaps astonished, at what their creation has become. They have set this school on a course that continues to this day.


The celebration began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song/dance, followed by Welcome address and introduction of the dignitaries by Sr Marcelline Braggs- the Correspondent/HM of the School. The dignitaries on the dais comprised of MLC Ivan D’Souza, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Rev Dr Sr Matilda Monteiro- Provincial Superior-Sisters of Charity-Mangalore Province, Rev Dr Fr Joseph Martis-Rector, St Joseph Seminary, Mangaluru, Fr Denis D’Sa, Ashok Mendonca- Architect of “Carena’, Building contractor Purshotham Kottari, Sr Grace Joseph- Secretary-sisters of Charity Educational Society.

Sr Matilda Monteiro addressing the gathering said, ” Today is indeed a great day for the parents to watch their children unleash their hidden talents in the form of dance, music and songs. The Sisters of Charity and the teachers of this School have given the best education to these children, and have also taught them good manners. The success of the children will always be the pride and joy of the parents. Mother Teresa was a great nun, who worked hard for the betterment of the needy and destitute- we need to follow in her footsteps by serving the less fortunate ones in the community. The greatest thrill of happiness is the sharing of our joy with the ones we love and the ones who love us. Equally important is the sharing of our sadness, both great and small, with our loved ones.”

MLC Ivan D’Souza who has been very closely associated with St Gerosa school since his younger days complimenting the Sisters of Charity for their tremendous contribution to the society through their educational services said, ” A institution celebrating 50 years is a biggest achievement- it is not easy to run a school and educate and train so many children. It need patience, dedication and commitment- all these qualities have been followed by the nuns and teachers who have successfully managed this school for 50 years. Children should not only learn in schools, but also learn and practice at home with the guidance of their parents. We should be proud that Mangaluru which is called the ‘Education Hub’ with hundreds of educational institutions has produced many intelligent people who are serving all over the world, and the name of this city is spread across the universe. And St Gerosa School is one among them, whose ex-students have reached greater heights in the careers and have become big achievers in life. May God bless these Sisters who are doing a yeomen service to the community”

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel had high praise to the Christian Community saying that the Catholic religious priests and nuns are done so much to the society through their service i providing good education and morals to the students- Catholic institutions are the best when it comes to education. He complimented the Sisters of Charity for their tremendous contribution to the community in the way of education and taking care of the poor and the sick.

Fr Denis D’Sa, Sr Marcelline Braggs, Sr Emma Aranha, Ashok Mendonca and Purshotham Kottari were felicitated during the occasion. Mementos were presented to various well-wishers and donors. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Louise M D’souza, while the event was well compered by Mrs Marie Vaz and Mrs Molly D’souza. Then came the much awaited part of the celebration- the ballet ” Seva Sangam” which kept the audience glued to their seats during the entire nearly 2 hours of the show. The ballet did enthrall the audience and received a huge and roaring applause from the crowd. Kudos to the artists of the ballet for their fantastic and mesmerising performance. The function ended with the school anthem.

I conclude this report with thought-provoking St Gerosa Golden Jubilee anthem composed by Fr Ronald Serrao-Professor at St Joseph Seminary –

“Hail Oh Temple of Knowledge,
Your Service we acknowledge,
We salute St Gerosa,
Make our life please Giosa.

We celebrate Fifty Years,
And Sing hymns with grateful hearts
We recount the joyful past,
And fill colours of the Feast.

We the hope of the nation,
Walk ahead with right vision,
Happiness of everyone,
Yes, indeed our great Mission.

We shall learn from our Patron,
Service to the downtrodden,
We shall love the most deserved,
Trusting Heaven our Reward.”

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