Mangaluru: Two Account-holders Lose Money after Revealing Passwords to Unknown Callers

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Mangaluru: Some banks have been sending SMS communications to account-holders in English warning them not to reveal their account or passwords or PIN to any callers since the banks do not have the practice of collecting such information.


How effective this step is anybody’s guess. The need to spread the awareness by better methods like displaying the cautions outside the bank premises in local languages has been proved by two incidents reported in the undivided DK distict.

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Two bank account-holders were cheated of their hard-earned money by unidentified callers recemtlast week. Rosie Pinto, a resident of church vicinity in Kateel, received a call in Hindi, purportedly from an officer of a bank where she held an account. Since there was no money in the account, funds had to be transferred from any account with other banks. Otherwise, the account would be cancelled, said the caller.

Worried about the cancellation, she revealed the other debit card number and the PIN. Within a short time, by way of a series of withdrawals, a total amount of Rs 50,000 was withdrawn from her account by the fraudster. She has filed a complaint at the Mulki police station.

In the second incident, Anil Daimari, hailing from Assam and employed as a security guard in a private firm in Manipal, got a similar call asking for his debit card number and PIN. He revealed the information. To his utter shock, he later came to know that a total amount of Rs 11,100 had been fraudulently withdrawn from his account between October 27 and 30. A case has been registered at the Manipal police station.

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  1. Targeting and tricking poor people to steal their hard earned money is sickening. These are much more than financial crimes – I can only imagine the mental trauma, humiliation and anger that the innocent lady and security guard are going thru after being cheated by some fraudster.

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