Mayawati killed two birds with one stone by axing political heir Akash Anand

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Mayawati killed two birds with one stone by axing political heir Akash Anand
Lucknow: Mistakes – minute or monumental — are unacceptable and unpardonable in the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), particularly if they have the potential to harm party chief Mayawati’s political interests.

In the past, innumerable BSP leaders have been shown the door by Mayawati for making mistakes.

Party supremo Mayawati’s decision to axe nephew, Akash Anand from all posts in the BSP on Tuesday night is designed to send a clear message to her voters that when it comes to punishment, she will not differentiate between party workers and family members.

Akash Anand’s removal is all the more significant because the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had designated him as her political successor.

However, whatever criticism Mayawati faced from rivals for promoting nepotism in the BSP by bringing in Akash Anand, has been washed away by her decision to punish him for his ‘immaturity’.

Akash Anand’s ‘immaturity’ was evident when at an election rally in Sitapur on April 28 the 29-year-old went hammer and tongs at the BJP, which has often propped up his aunt Mayawati.

In his enthusiasm, he crossed all limits of political propriety. “This BJP government is a bulldozer government and a government of traitors. The party that leaves its youth hungry and enslaves its elderly is a terrorist government. Taliban runs such a government in Afghanistan,” he had said at the rally.

Akash Anand was promptly booked for violating the Model Code of Conduct and for allegedly using objectionable language at the Sitapur poll rally.

The case was registered under Sections IPC 171C (undue influence at elections), 153B (imputation, assertions prejudicial to national integration) and 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) and Section 125 of the Representation of the People Act.

The impact of his speech was also felt among the BSP cadres and voters, particularly non-Jatav Dalits who are aligned with the BJP now.

They were upset at Akash Anand’s speech and this was conveyed to his aunt through some coordinators.

Mayawati moved swiftly to control the damage done by her protege and cancelled Akash Anand’s rallies and asked him to avoid public appearances.

When public anger did not subside, Mayawati finally removed her political heir from all posts.

With the removal of Akash Anand, Mayawati has killed the proverbial two birds with one stone – she has crushed all charges of nepotism and also pacified Dalits, who did not appreciate his diatribe against the BJP.

“Parties like the Congress, SP and RJD that thrive on nepotism can no longer accuse the BSP of following in their footsteps. The BSP supremo is not dependent on her family and does not promote nepotism, unlike the Gandhis and Yadavs. Behenji (Mayawati) has proved it,” said a BSP functionary.

By sacrificing her nephew, Mayawati ensured that she did not burn her bridges with the ruling BJP.

After all, she had formed the government with the BJP’s support in Uttar Pradesh thrice (1995, 1997 and 2002).

Mayawati cannot risk her chances of another alliance with the BJP in the future, whether at the Centre or in Uttar Pradesh.

BJP leader Rakesh Tripathi said, “Because of Akash Anand’s irresponsible remarks and his statements against the BJP, there was anger among the people (against the BSP), and that is why Mayawati relieved her nephew of his responsibilities as the party’s National Co-ordinator.”


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