Mayor Harinath Inaugurates ‘E-Integrity Pledge’ against Corruption

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Mayor Harinath Inaugurates ‘E-Integrity Pledge’ against Corruption

Mangaluru: To mark the Vigilance awareness week, MRPL has initiated the Integrity Pledge under the theme of Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating corruption, at the MCC here on November 2.


The Mayor of Mangaluru Harinath inaugurated the week-long programme at the MCC premises. Later the Mayor took the E-Integrity pledge on the computer and pledged against corruption.

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An oath was also administered to all the employees of MCC on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Mayor Harinath said, “It is a good programme to bring awareness among the people against corruption which is commendable. Corruption is a dangerous disease which has spread like wildfire throughout the world. In India, corruption is rampant and can not be measured. Corruption spreads from the lower to the higher levels. In this connection, the MRPL has initiated a drive “E-Integrity pledge to eradicate corruption. Let the E-Integrity pledge be successful in eradicating corruption in Mangaluru”.

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Mayor Harinath called on every citizen to pledge against corruption and make the week-long drive a successful one.

The Managing Director H Kumar speaking to said, “Central Vigilance Commission is organizing a weeklong programme to eradicate corruption. In MRPL under the guidance of our chief vigilance officer Y Ravindranath, we are observing a weeklong programme with the theme “Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating corruption”, from October 31 which will go on until November 5. We are trying to bring awareness to the people on corruption by taking the pledge, if the givers don’t give there won’t be any takers. We will bring awareness among the students by visiting colleges. Our focus is on both givers and takers, we are very confident to spread awareness among the students because students are the future of the country. I hope this kind of movement will help to eradicate corruption in the society”.

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Speaking to chief vigilance officer of MRPL, Y Ravindranath said, “Corruption is a serious issue affecting the development of our country. The Central Vigilance commission which is an apex body for fighting corruption has proposed an E-Integrity Pledge for the citizens, wherein the general public are requested to visit the CVC website and click the link and follow the instructions for taking the E-pledge, A certificate of appreciation would be issued by CVC which can be downloaded and printed for taking the pledge. Participation of the citizens is very crucial in bringing transparency and eradicating corruption in government dealings”.

MCC commissioner Mohammed Nazir and others were also present.

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