MCC Stops Retailers Occupying Central Market Until One More Court Hearing Today

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Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Stops Retailers Occupying Central Market Until One More High Court Hearing is Done Today ( 13 August 2020) in Bengaluru

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean had published an report (Ref: MCC Withdraws HC Case-Retailers to Occupy Central Market on 13 August  ), but this morning all the anxious wait of the retailers to occupy the businesses inside the Central Market, was nullified, since the officials from MCC with the help of police force stopped them from entering the front gate of the Central Market. This led to total confusion among the retailers as to, when MCC had withdrawn the High Court Case and also that HC had also issued an order, why is MCC once again preventing in operating our business.

Recalling the report published yesterday, where Mangaluru City Corporation had withdrawn the High Court Case- and in the order dated 11 August 2020 by MCC states-Sub: Withdrawal of the public notice dated 7 April 2020 bearing No MCC/Rev/CRI/2020-21/A3 :

Mangaluru Central Market Building

Vide Public notice dated 7/4/2020, considering the prevailing circumstances as the Corporation market situated in T.S. No 180, 181, 181B, and 182 of Kasaba Bazaar Village, known as Central Vegetable/Fish Market had been closed, it had been notified that no business would be allowed to continue in the said building from the said Day i e 7/4/2020.

The Corporation has now resolved to withdraw the said public notice dated 7/4/2020 and proceed in the matter a fresh in accordance with the provisions of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act , 1976. Therefore, it is hereby ordered that the public notice 7/4/2020 bearing No MCC/REV/CR1/2020-21/A3 stands withdrawn with immediate effect.

And in yet another Memo dated 12 August 2020 from High Court of Karnataka at Bengaluru in legal suit between Commissioner of MCC as Appellant, and Ganesh Ancahn and others (Retailers) as Respondents states : The Appellant herewith produces the copy of the order dated 11/8/2020 vide which the public notice dated 7/4/2020 have been withdrawn. Wherefore, the Appellant respectifully prays that this Hon’ble authority be pleased to dispose of the above appeal by taking this memo on record, reserving liberty to Appellant to proceed afresh in accordance with law, in the interest of justice and equality’- Signed by Advocate for Appellant.

But this morning when the retailers were ready to occupy the Central Market, they were stopped by MCC Officials saying that an order has come from the MCC Commissioner that no one should enter the market, until further notice. With no option, the retailers had to raise their voices, trying to work things out, but all in vain. While some of them entered the back side gate of Central Market, but they couldn’t do much rather than do some clean up work. Since the market has been closed for nearly five months, the entire inside area of the CM has been dilapidated, with grass grown, garbage piled up, etc- it could take a couple of weeks to do the entire clean up.

To clarify on this issue, Team Mangalorean contacted AC Binoy-the Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), where he said, “The order received by the retailers is misleading, and no where it is mentioned that they can start their business again. After all, the Central Market doesn’t belong to these retailers/shop owners, they are just the tenants. MCC has full authority over the Central Market. The final decision in this regard will be taken today evening ( 13 August), after the High Court hearing between a retailer Hasanabba and MCC, is done today. Until then no one is allowed to operate any kind of business inside the Central Market”.

It should be noted that the wholesale traders had been shifted from the old location of Central Market which used to be in the heart of city, to Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Yard in Baikampady, in the outskirts of Mangaluru- and also the veg and fruit retailers and other businesses who were operating their businesses in the old building ordered to move out, due to congestion of space which abuses the guidelines of Covid-19- and also that Mangaluru City Corporation had plans to demolish the old Central Market and build a state-of-the art new Central Market, had landed into controversy. (Ref:  2 High Court Stay Orders from 2 Parties Could Delay the Upcoming Project of New Central Market )

And now, with MCC once again stopping the retailers from occupying the Central Market, and also with two HC stay orders pending, withdrawing the case, the birth of the new Central Market will not be a dream come true for the next few years.

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