MISSION-1 a Revolutionary Movement All Set To Accomplish Their MISSION!

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MISSION-1 A Revolutionary Movement All Set To Accomplish Their MISSION!

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club, Marvin Fernandes, the Founder of MISSION-1 said, “We are all aware of what’s happening around us and we are helpless most of the time when we want to correct them. As individuals, it may seem difficult but as a group, it’s never hard. Out of the many problems that we face we have listed down a few and now is the time we act on the solutions. The time has come we all act as one voice and penetrate our work deep within the hearts and minds of our fellow people. Our society is numb to all that happens around them so it is our duty to make them feel the pain of the voiceless and it’s only possible when we co-operate and act as one. So our task is going to be working on projects and setting examples because actions speak louder. So the task at hand will be reaching out to officials, conducting meetings and workshops, using help from government/corporates to fund our bigger projects, involvement of school kids and college students and much more. It’s time we all pledge for work towards the greater glory of our planet”.

He further said, “Mission One- we are all one is an attempt to unite the planet to make the revolutionary change much needed… An idea today for tomorrow’s solution. A revolution is a model. A model larger than one’s initial idea. A model for everybody to fit in and to leave back the old one. A majority of people looking up to the fewer in the society for help is death to creativity. It’s time to wash up the manipulation and open up your eyes and sense real freedom because real freedom isn’t what you choose from what’s offered to you, it’s actually what’s hidden from you. Join us to be a part of this revolutionary movement and listen to the voice of the voiceless. Let’s save our planet. We are all ONE”.

“Our Mission statement – To unite the people to work towards a common goal, with Objectives (Stage 1) like:

– To build up a feeling amongst citizens on the damage caused to the environment due to negligence and lack of awareness and being United this issue can be solved.
– To create a lifestyle by educating people even though culture, community and religion diversifies us but to save our planet we must unite.
– To take an oath that we are all one and unity will bring a change.

Objectives (Stage 2) –

– To organise a strong R & D team for states and districts to identify the environmental issues and together find a solution and unite people to solve these issues.
– Preparing the environmental statistics of states and districts to analyse the direction of growth and forming a team of experts to solve/ reduce the issues.
– Organising suitable start-up and modifying existing business models and reaching out to the masses in order to reduce the impact on the environment which will result in increasing the health of the environment.
– Setting up environmental awareness camps and drives in order to mitigate the sense of ignorance amongst citizens.
– Providing numerous forms of street entertainment to people in order to create a sense of unity and a step to spread awareness about the mission.
– Helping people to understand the importance of creating a joyful environment during the growth of children.
– Encouraging youth to involve in innovative startup businesses like waste plastic to precious products, industrial discharges to blend with other bonding agents to valuable finished products, treatment of water, converting of saltwater into pot water for daily usage and supply to water shortage areas, etc.
– Giving a boost to various forms of the agricultural sector and showing them a sustainable living lifestyle.
– Increasing forest growth and providing animals with a cleaner and quieter surrounding.
– Encouraging people to form communities to construct street animal shelters and spread awareness to reduce animal cruelty.
– Creating a conscious thought process amongst people by introducing different forms of relaxation like musical therapies, water therapies, aromatherapies, newer music therapies and different exercising forms.
– Conducting workshops and educating people on essential oils, alternate natural medicines and proper food habits.
– Forming a research team to match industries producing heavy waste and creating another industry to utilise that waste to form another product in order to save the discharge going into the environment.

Results of stages (1) & (2) –

– More eco-friendly industries will create more employment.

– Awareness and educational camps will create more young entrepreneurs.
– Waste will not be waste anymore.
– Boosting of essential oils, alternate medicines, agriculture, tree plantation will increase the green cover.
– Therapies will create a more conscious society.
– More research on water treatment and proper usage of seawater will solve the issues in water shortage areas.
– R & D teams and expert teams will increase cross country trades.
– More animal shelters will create less/zero violence acts among individuals.
– More forest cover will create less animal and human contact.
– More innovative business will open doors to wider forms of educational subjects be it theory or practicals.

So, we request people to please step forward and support this mission in all possible ways in order to see the world become a better place.” added Marvin Fernandes.

Ms Gajalakshmi – a social activist also spoke as to how people should come forward and take care of street dogs, which are suffering due to lack of food and shelter. “There is no difference between Desi dogs and foreign dogs, other than looks. Desi dogs wag their tails just like foreign breeds do too. Desi dogs too love you just like foreign breeds do. Desi dogs are no less than any foreign breeds. It’s all in our mindset. We need to adopt desi animals more and more because these animals are neglected. People should realize that desi dogs too have feelings. We need to keep Indian breeds as pets. These desi pups are often neglected”.

Vernon Tauro -a music producer speaking on the occasion said that very soon an audio release on Mission-1 will take place. Joshua D’Souza and Snehal Uchil, two other social activists were also present on the dais.

If you need more information or want to help out in Mission-1 projects call Marvin Fernandes- 8879784563

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